Sam Prekop :: Spelling

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Sam Prekop :: Spelling Sydney, Australia curatorial outfit Longform Editions has been putting out exclusive music from a variety of musicians since 2018. In that time they’ve released 18 volumes, each consisting of four pieces by four different artists. The single tracks usually run between 20 and 30 minutes, and have included contributions from Green-House, … Continue reading Sam Prekop :: Spelling

Nick Schofield :: Glass Gallery

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Nick Schofield :: Glass Gallery Nick Schofield has worn many hats in Montreal’s music community throughout the past decade. On top of hosting the long-running CKUT radio show Underground Sounds, he’s joined Devon Welsh’s band, performed as one third of Saxsyndrum, and emerged as a dazzling electronic artist. Schofield’s latest album Glass Gallery follows in … Continue reading Nick Schofield :: Glass Gallery

Lionel Boy – Flower Girl

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Not tryina change your world, Just bring you into mine, babe You could take your feelings off Or you could take it all off Leave it in the sunrays Dive on in, sink or swim Get lost in commotion Shed the skin, get the blossom in Baby, just how I want it Flower girl, is … Continue reading Lionel Boy – Flower Girl

Slumberjack – The Reprise

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Before I knew it’s over Just put yourself on the line Before you know it’s over Just keep yourself on the high Keep yourself on the high Before you know the high Keep yourself on the high Before you know the high [Beat drops] Keep yourself on the high Before you know the high Keep … Continue reading Slumberjack – The Reprise

Emily Rodgers – Blame

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[Guitars intro] I’m in [?] Like you are gone You remind me we’re alone You don’t, you don’t come around You don’t come around. And I, I don’t blame you And I, I don’t blame you And I, I don’t blame you Cause I won’t catch you when you fall I wanna know where you’ve … Continue reading Emily Rodgers – Blame

Nick Jonas – This is Heaven

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At the gate, come inside, I know that it’s late But I’m here, ’cause you’re body my motivation Let’s skip the talk What if we found a way to get lost without fear? Keep it all behind, we’re escaping If you told me that my fate was on your fingertips I wouldn’t believe it (Wouldn’t … Continue reading Nick Jonas – This is Heaven

Cortes – Norocos

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Yeah Ma lupt zi de zi cu rutina Norocul de mine tot nu se lipeste, Oricare zi care vine Devine un fel de vineri, 13 Daca imi spal azi masina, Fii sigur ca maine-o sa ploua La table nu dau 6-6, la 6 din 49 n-am vila, terasa, piscina nu am prin conturi vreun million … Continue reading Cortes – Norocos

Sam Smith and Normani have achieved a new collaboration milestone with their song “Dancing with a Stranger” earning a reported 3 billion streams worldwide, according to Chart Data on Twitter. The song is widely popular as it speaks to a post-break scenario that many of their fans seem to relate to. So far, the song … Continue reading Sam Smith And Normani’s “Dancing With A Stranger” Earns 3 Billion Streams

Critics of the dancehall legend, who is aptly called ‘Worl’Boss,’ proclaimed in 2014 ahead of his sentencing that if convicted, the life and career of the controversial but highly gifted artist would be effectively over. Fast forward to 2021, and a lot has changed from 2014 when Kartel was convicted and sentenced to 35 years … Continue reading Vybz Kartel Dominating Dancehall A Decade After Incarceration – What’s His Secret?

Lil Durk splurge on a new King Von chain all while 6ix9ine is slandering the late rapper on social media. Tekashi 6ix9ine was up to his usual antics yesterday when he shared a series of shocking and disrespectful posts aimed at his rival Lil Durk. The mega-troll decided to use the most abrasive piece of … Continue reading Lil Durk Cops New KIng Von Chain As 6ix9ine Continues To Slander Late Rapper

Jay-Z confirmed he sold majority stake in TIDAL to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. Jay-Z has made another boss move as majority ownership of Tidal has been sold to Jack Dorsey’s Square. The announcement came on Thursday that the music streaming service will now be taken over by Square, which is a point-of-sale services company co-founded … Continue reading Jay-Z Sold Majority Stake In TIDAL To Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Mathew Knowles says its “insulting” when people compare Beyoncé and Chloe Bailey. Beyonce‘s dad Matthew Knowles, appeared on Leah Henry’s Instagram show “Lemonade Stand” on Wednesday night, and he had a few things to say about people comparing his daughter to young singer Chloe Bailey. In response to Leah’s question about fans comparing the two, … Continue reading Mathew Knowles Calls Beyoncé & Chloe Bailey Comparisons “Insulting”

Ateez – Take Me Home Lyrics

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[에이티즈 “Take Me Home” 가사] [Intro: San] Ooh yeah, yeah Ah (Hey!) [Verse 1: San, Yunho, Wooyoung, Yeosang] 숨 막힐 듯한 어둠 속에 갇혀 헤매이다 falling down 더 깊게 falling down 사방이 막혀 방향조차 선택할 수 없어 겁이 나 갈수록 겁이 나 여긴 누구도 그 누구도 날 봐주지 않아 차가운 눈빛 그 시선이 눈물을 만들어 … Continue reading Ateez – Take Me Home Lyrics

[Intro] Arks Beats [Part 1] [Verse 1: STINX & RA] Yo, akh, we need to talk (Wagwan?) What the f*ck just happened up north? (Mad ting) Line up a van, we don’t need a plan Shoot, make him a corpse (Mad) I know one girl that he’s linking (Yeah?) From junction (Yeah?), Lavender (Yeah?) He’s … Continue reading Ra – The Convo 5 Lyrics (feat. Abra Cadabra, Backroad Gee, M24, Shanny4rmdabrixx, Ard Ardz & Stinx)

Mooski – Track Star Lyrics

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[Intro] Yeah Mane I ain’t, I ain’t ever had this happen before mane Heart breaks so deep Heart broke so deep it broke into a melody like this [Hook] Aye, aye She’s a runner, she’s a track star She gon’ run away when it gets hard She can’t take the pain, she can’t get scarred … Continue reading Mooski – Track Star Lyrics

[Songtext zu „VIP in der Psychiatrie“] [Intro: Stunna666] V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie, ey V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie, ey V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie, ey V.I.P. in der Psychiatrie [Part 1: Tarek K.I.Z] Schizo-Schizo-Schizophrene Störung, Arme wie Mike Tyson (Ah) Mit mir willst du nicht im Fahrstuhl stecken bleiben Tarek K.I.Z, ich kam aus Afrika geschwomm’n Du denkst, es regnet, doch ich schlachte grad ein Schaf … Continue reading K.i.z – Vip In Der Psychiatrie Lyrics