Multipurpose fighters Su-35S of the Russian Aerospace Forces have begun to relocate to the territory of Belarus as part of an inspection of the reaction forces of the Union State, TASS reports. According to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, in the course of carrying out flight missions fighter crews will practice flights … Continue reading Russian Su-35S fighters have begun to relocate to Belarus

Cloudy weather, snow and sleet are expected in Moscow on Saturday, January 22, according to the official website of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation. According to weather forecasts, the air temperature in the capital will be from two to four degrees below zero. On Sunday night, the city can get as cold as … Continue reading Snow, icy conditions and up to minus four degrees are expected in Moscow on Saturday

The ban of the Central Bank of Russia on the issuance, mining and circulation of cryptocurrency in the country will entail an outflow of IT specialists from the Russian Federation and the destruction of some sectors of the high-tech economy. This opinion was expressed by Telegram founder Pavel Durov in his messenger channel. In his … Continue reading Durov appreciated the idea of ​​the Central Bank to ban cryptocurrency in Russia

WSJ: Germany did not allow Estonia to transfer D-30 howitzers to Ukraine. We are talking about the supply of 122-millimeter guns produced in the Soviet Union and deployed in the former East Germany. After the reunification of Germany, Berlin handed them over to Finland, and the latter handed them over to Estonia =”WSJ learned about … Continue reading WSJ learned about Germany’s refusal to allow Estonia to supply howitzers to Ukraine

US Ambassador to the UN Thomas-Greenfield does not believe that Russia can cut off gas to Europe US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield does not believe that Moscow can take this step in response to sanctions, as this would equally harm her The US does not believe that Russia can shut off gas to … Continue reading US questioned Russia’s ability to shut off gas to Europe

CNN learned the deadline for the possible evacuation of the families of the US Embassy diplomats from Ukraine” alt=”The United States allowed the families of embassy employees in Ukraine to be evacuated” /> The US Embassy in Ukraine has asked the State Department to allow non-essential personnel and their families to leave the country. … Continue reading The United States allowed the evacuation of families of embassy employees in Ukraine

The draft requires conceptual refinement, as it does not provide guarantees for the openness of lists and monitoring procedures, experts point out. The CEC insists on a “framework” approach: overregulation will not allow the development of systems alt=”Experts named the main shortcomings of the project on remote voting” /> The bill on uniform rules for … Continue reading Experts called the main shortcomings of the project on remote voting

The head of the British Foreign Office will arrive in Moscow in February for talks with Lavrov Russia responded positively to the request of the British Foreign Office to hold a meeting of foreign ministers in Moscow. Earlier, the British Minister of Defense invited Russian colleague Sergei Shoigu to come to London Liz Truss British … Continue reading British Foreign Minister arrives in Moscow for talks with Lavrov

Photo: Chinese leader Xi Jinping could have asked Russian President Vladimir Putin not to invade Ukraine during the Beijing Olympics . According to Bloomberg, the head of China intends to strengthen his authority within the country. But he definitely does not need a crisis in Europe now. The fact is that the outbreak of … Continue reading Bloomberg learned about China’s request to Russia not to attack Ukraine

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev The former personal photographer of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Dmitry Donskoy, died in Moscow. He was 85 years old. According to his relatives, he died after an illness. At first, Donskoy was called one of the best sports photojournalists in the country. And he worked as Yeltsin's personal photographer from … Continue reading Boris Yeltsin’s former personal photographer dies

Photo: Russia is capable of quickly annexing Ukraine, claims Former First Deputy Commander of the Special Operations Forces, General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergey Krivonos. On the air of the Ukrlife.TV channel, he revealed the scenario of such “attachment”. According to the Ukrainian general, the Russians will be able to carry out … Continue reading General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine revealed the scenario for the rapid accession of Ukraine to the Russian Federation

“Provocative US arms shipments will do the trick” The US and some NATO countries are benefiting from the anti-Russian information campaign they themselves started. Without waiting for Russia's announced attack on Ukraine, Western countries began massive deliveries of various lethal weapons to Kiev. Not everyone in Ukraine is happy about this help. As a matter … Continue reading Kiev politician accused the United States of preparing “hell” in Ukraine

“Instead of supporting him, they tear him to pieces” There will be Russians in Kharkiv, and barbecues in May! There is a new scandal around the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky – within two days he sent two mutually exclusive messages to the Ukrainians: first he recorded a video message urging them not to panic … Continue reading Zelensky continues to believe 20 percent of the population: “Russians will be in Kharkiv”

What could turn into an appeal to the president The proposal of the Duma faction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to appeal to the president on behalf of all deputies regarding the speedy diplomatic recognition of the LPR and DPR at first aroused interest only among the politicized online public. On January … Continue reading Experts appreciated the initiative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation to recognize the LDNR: “There will be no harm”

The monthly rainfall in Moscow this month exceeded 7%, the height of snowdrifts reached 45 centimeters, the leading specialist of the weather center "Phobos" Mikhail Leus.  > According to him, the night before the precipitation rate reached 7%.  Leus also noted that the height of snow cover is 1.5 times higher than it should be, which was a record for … Continue reading In Moscow, the monthly rainfall in January was exceeded by 7%

Feature Protests in Kazakhstan amid rising gas prices In Kazakhstan, 1,822 criminal cases have been opened on the facts of terrorism, murders, violence against government officials, said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Yerlan Turgumbaev, reports TASS.  It is specified that 116 of them were handed over to special prosecutors for further investigation. According to the … Continue reading Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan: 1,822 cases opened on the facts of terrorism and murders in the country

Roszdravnadzor will check the quality of medical care in the regional hospital of North Ossetia, where eight deaths among women in childbirth were registered in four months, the press service of the department reported.  In the department noted that, according to media reports, in the period September-December 2021, eight women died in the Pravoberezhny District … Continue reading Roszdravnadzor will check the hospital in North Ossetia where women in childbirth died

What is proposed to be changed and what tactics the opposition has chosen On February 27, a referendum on amending the Constitution will be held in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko said that only “war” could prevent this. In another two or three years, the country can start discussing the transit of power President of Belarus Alexander … Continue reading Belarus has decided on the date of the referendum on the Constitution

The Russian Foreign Ministry accused the US and NATO of a “toxic campaign” with false accusations against Moscow In the document, the Russian side found “fictions” of Washington accused the United States and NATO of a toxic campaign against Moscow” /> Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation The statement by the US State … Continue reading Foreign Ministry accuses US and NATO of toxic campaign against Moscow

Reuters: Ukraine will have enough gas for a week in the “military conflict” with Russia In the event of a military conflict with Russia, Ukraine will be able to heat residential buildings and important infrastructure facilities for a week, Reuters sources say ://” alt=”Reuters found out about gas reserves in Ukraine for a week during … Continue reading Reuters learned about the stock of gas in Ukraine for a week in a conflict with Russia

Dudayev: special attention to the detention of the ex-judge's wife is connected with the nationality of the policemen Human rights activists reported the kidnapping of the wife of the ex-judge of the Supreme Court of Chechnya. According to the Minister of Chechnya Akhmed Dudayev, the law enforcement officers acted legally, and the nationality of the … Continue reading Dudayev linked attention to the arrest of the judge’s wife with the nationality of the police

Bloomberg: Xi Jinping could have asked Putin “not to invade” Ukraine because of the Olympics According to a Chinese diplomat, Xi Jinping is trying to strengthen his authority ahead of a possible third term, so he asked Vladimir Putin “not to start hostilities during the Beijing Olympics” < p> Xi Jinping During a recent conversation … Continue reading Bloomberg learned about a possible request from China to Putin not to invade Ukraine

Fox News: The US State Department called for the evacuation of families of diplomats from Ukraine from January 24 According to the channel, the evacuation of families of diplomats will begin on Monday, January 24. The State Department told RIA Novosti that no official decisions have been made on the evacuation of American citizens from … Continue reading Fox News learned about the decision of the State Department to evacuate the families of diplomats from Ukraine

Kadyrov: ex-judge's family is connected with terrorists and should be “destroyed” if they resist Ramzan Kadyrov The family of the ex-judge of the Supreme Court of Chechnya, Saydi Yangulbaev, may be involved in organizing an attack on a former Chechen security official in Turkey, therefore, if they resist, they should be “destroyed”; as accomplices of … Continue reading Kadyrov urged to “destroy” the family of the ex-judge in case of resistance

Earlier, the head of the German Navy said that Crimea would never return to Ukraine. In turn, The Wall Street Journal reported that Germany did not allow Estonia to supply weapons to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen German Ambassador to Ukraine Anka Feldhusen was summoned to the country's Foreign Ministry because of the words of the vice- … Continue reading The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the German ambassador because of the words of the commander of the Navy about the Crimea

Zakharova called the message about the “request not to attack Ukraine” an operation of the US intelligence services Earlier, Bloomberg, citing an unnamed diplomat in Beijing, reported that the Chinese leader addressed the Russian president with a corresponding request because of a desire to strengthen his authority on the eve of a possible third term … Continue reading Foreign Ministry denies Xi Jinping’s “request” to Putin “not to invade” Ukraine

Bild: Germany is preparing a plan for the evacuation of families of embassy employees in Ukraine v6_top_pics/media/img/6/83/756428752351836.jpg” alt=”Bild announced Germany's plans to evacuate the families of diplomats from Ukraine” /> The German Foreign Ministry The German Foreign Ministry is developing a plan to evacuate the families of employees embassies in Ukraine, Bild reports citing its … Continue reading Bild announced Germany’s plans to evacuate families of diplomats from Ukraine

The authorities of Kharkiv will not let Russia “seize” city, which President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky had previously admitted as an example of Moscow's possible aggression. This was stated by the mayor of Kharkov Igor Terekhov, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” reports. “We will not let anyone capture Kharkov— no Russia. Therefore, in Kharkov everything … Continue reading The mayor of Kharkiv, after the words of Zelensky, ruled out the “occupation” of the city by Russia

Democratic Congressman Meeks introduced another bill on sanctions against Russia Congressman Gregory Meeks of the Democratic Party introduced another bill on sanctions against Russia in case of aggression against Ukraine. This document complements an earlier draft submitted by Democratic Senator Robert Menendez. The draft is published on the website of the International Committee of the … Continue reading New draft sanctions against Russia presented in Congress