In addition, Guterres warned of the threat of climate change, the rise of extreme nationalism and terrorism, as well as the spread of disease and hunger António Guterres The world is facing the threat of a new Cold War “with a nuclear tinge” and the explosive growth of extreme nationalism. This was stated by UN … Continue reading UN Secretary General warns of a new Cold War “with a nuclear tinge”

A passer-by in Ivano-Frankivsk attacked street musicians who sang songs in Russian and hit one of them. The mayor of the city said that the attacker needs to be helped and, if necessary, find a lawyer ” alt=” The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk stood up for the beaten musician who sang in Russian” /> Ruslan Martsinkov … Continue reading The mayor of Ivano-Frankivsk stood up for the beaten musician who sang in Russian

The state of emergency allows the Hungarian government to issue decrees without parliamentary approval. The state of emergency was already in effect in the country at the beginning of the pandemic and then drew criticism from human rights activists .jpg” alt=”Hungary declared a state of emergency due to the situation in Ukraine” /> Viktor Orban … Continue reading Hungary declares state of emergency due to situation in Ukraine

Zelensky: Ukraine will return to negotiations when it returns territories lost since February 24 Before starting negotiations with Russia, Ukraine intends to return the territories it controlled before February 24, Zelensky said. Earlier, Moscow reported that Kyiv had practically withdrawn from the negotiation process =”Zelensky called the return of lost territories a condition for negotiations” … Continue reading Zelensky called the return of lost territories a condition for negotiations

According to the politician, if peace talks do not resume within two months, hostilities may spread to the entire European continent * Henry Kissinger The West must influence Ukraine to resume peace talks with Moscow, even if Kyiv will have to make a number of concessions. This was stated by former US Secretary of State … Continue reading Kissinger urged Kyiv to make concessions in negotiations with Moscow

Access to the websites of Vot so and Interfax-Ukraine is limited at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office. The site of the writer Exler, pages of the True Russia movement and other resources Roskomnadzor blocked the websites of Vot tak, Interfax-Ukraine and “”. The Roskomsvoboda portal was the first to draw attention to this. … Continue reading Roskomnadzor blocked the sites of the publications “Vot so” and “Interfax-Ukraine”

A person can be exchanged after a court verdict, this is technically possible, said the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Venediktova. Earlier, a court in Ukraine sentenced Russian military Shishimarin to life imprisonment “The Prosecutor General of Ukraine allowed the exchange of a convicted Russian soldier” /> Vadim Shishimarin Ukraine may subsequently exchange Russian serviceman Vadim … Continue reading The Prosecutor General of Ukraine allowed the exchange of a convicted Russian military

According to the publication, a terrorist-connected native of Iraq planned to kill George W. Bush, as he considered him responsible for the deaths of thousands of people after the US invasion of this country in 2003 George W. Bush Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) thwarted an assassination attempt on former U.S. President George W. Bush … Continue reading Forbes learned that the FBI prevented the assassination attempt on George W. Bush

The tribunal is planned as an international one, a number of countries have already given preliminary consent to participate, the head of the DPR said. The first of a series of “interim” will be the trial of those who surrendered at Azovstal Denis Pushilin The tribunal over the Ukrainian military will be held in several … Continue reading Pushilin said that the tribunal over “Azov” will be held in several stages

Why did the criminal prosecution of the former President of Moldova Igor Dodon begin? Former President of Moldova Igor Dodon was charged with four articles, including treason. Searches in the house of Igor Dodon What formed the basis of the case of the ex-president Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon was detained for 72 hours as … Continue reading “The bag case” turned into the detention of the ex-president of Moldova

Law enforcement officers are investigating whether Abramovich's wealth was obtained illegally, and whether his proxies violated the law. They are, in particular, investigating the purchase of oil assets by Abramovich in the 1990s jpg” alt=”WSJ has learned of an investigation in Jersey into Abramovich's assets” /> Roman Abramovich The authorities of the island of Jersey … Continue reading WSJ learns of Jersey investigation into Abramovich’s assets

What is happening in Ukraine could be the beginning of a new world war, Soros said. According to him, the world may not survive such a scenario. The Russian authorities said that the third world would become nuclear and “should never be” * The events in Ukraine may have been the beginning of the third … Continue reading Soros admitted that the events in Ukraine were the beginning of the third world war

Polish President Duda accused Germany of disrupting the supply of Leopard tanks to replace those given to Ukraine Poland is disappointed that Germany did not keep its promise to supply Leopard tanks to replace equipment sent to Ukraine, Duda said. In response, the German Foreign Ministry assured that they could not transfer tanks “at the … Continue reading Duda accused Germany of breaking the promise about tanks for Ukraine

In South Korea and Japan, a ballistic missile was launched from the territory of the DPRK in an easterly direction, it fell into the sea. Shortly before the launch, Biden visited these countries, the US allowed Pyongyang's missile tests during his visit North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile eastwards, the 17th missile launch from … Continue reading South Korea announces North Korean missile launch after Biden’s visit

Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots is dangerous for users because they risk losing payment data, documents, logins, passwords, and other personal information. This was reported in the Telegram channel of Roskomnadzor. The department noted that before connecting to public Wi-Fi, it is necessary to carefully study the name of the access point. This is due … Continue reading Roskomnadzor warned about the danger of public Wi-Fi networks

Returning to a specialist degree and abandoning the Bologna system of higher education will help improve the quality of teacher training in the country, the press service of the Ministry of Education said. “The Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation believes that the refusal from the Bologna system and the transition to specialist programs … Continue reading Ministry of Education: return to the specialty will improve the training of teachers

The very date of birth and origin of the lifelong president of socialist Yugoslavia, one of the founders and leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement, Marshal Josip Broz Titois still shrouded in mystery. At first it was believed that he was born on May 7, 1892 in the Croatian village of Kumrovets in Croatia, which at that … Continue reading Diverse Tito. With what mysteries was the life of the Yugoslav leader connected?

North Korea has fired its third ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan. This is reported by Yonhap with reference to the South Korean military. According to the agency, North Korea launched three “unidentified ballistic missiles” on Wednesday heading east from the Sunan area in Pyongyang. Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi called these missile launches a … Continue reading North Korea launches third ballistic missile into the Sea of ​​Japan

Laying of two large diesel-electric submarines of project 677 “Lada” will be held this year at the Admiralty Shipyards Petersburg, RIA Novosti reports. This was announced by the head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov during a conversation with the agency correspondents. He noted that everything is ready at the enterprise to start construction … Continue reading USC confirms laying of two non-nuclear submarines

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 25/05/2022 Story Social insurance New The Government Decree will help make it easier for people with disabilities to receive technical rehabilitation equipment. Now you can buy a cane, a stroller, a hearing aid, diapers at the current market price, even if their cost has increased … Continue reading How has the calculation of the amount of certificates for rehabilitation facilities changed?

On 26 May the film «Amanat», which tells the tragic love story of Jamaluddin, the son of Imam Shamil, and  Russian noblewoman Elizabeth, granddaughter of President of the Imperial Academy of Arts and Secretary of State of the Russian Empire Alexei Olenin. This story is very real. In 1839 g. during the siege and assault of the fortified mountain village of Akhulgo, the nine-year-old son … Continue reading Amanat is a matter of honor. How was the fate of the “Russian” son of Imam Shamil

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 21. Got it from Azovstal 05/25/2022 Last week, the US Air Force reported on the testing of hypersonic weapons. Experts say that they are 10-15 years behind Russia in this area, and therefore their intelligence is hunting for our developments. «Dagger» don't catch up A B-52 bomber launched a hypersonic … Continue reading Headhunters. How the CIA is after our military secrets

Europe can use not only “soft power” but also “heavy power, not necessarily military power,” which should be used in its own interests, Borrell suggested. In his opinion, the EU should create its own “narrative” Josep Borrell European countries should use “heavy power” in their own interests, they must find partners not only among like-minded … Continue reading Borrell called on the EU to learn the “language of power”

The Zaporozhye region was a Russian region for “hundreds of years”, after taking control of the city of Zaporozhye, the process of becoming part of Russia will begin, the military-civilian administration said, rejecting the creation of the Zaporozhye Republic The only way to develop the Zaporozhye region involves joining Russia as a full-fledged region without … Continue reading The pro-Russian authorities of Zaporozhye announced their intention to become part of Russia

Taiwan is planned to become like a “porcupine” due to the concentration of weapons and other forms of support from the United States, WP interlocutors told. Previously, Biden said that Washington is ready to defend Taiwan militarily “WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of deliveries to Ukraine” /> The … Continue reading WP learned that the United States is arming Taiwan, following the example of supplies to Ukraine

Entrepreneurs from companies that were engaged in the construction and reconstruction of the residence in Novo-Ogarevo reported that they gave bribes to Lieutenant Colonel Golokhvostov and other employees so that they did not notice violations and theft lieutenant colonel Alexei Golokhvostov 13 years in a strict regime colony and a fine of 40 million rubles. … Continue reading FSO lieutenant colonel requested 13 years in prison in Putin’s residence case

Bob Dylan :: Too Many Mornings (Revisited) Last year around Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday, we celebrated with a megamix of various renditions of “One Too Many Mornings.” Since there’s no such thing as too many “One Too Many Mornings,” here’s a sequel of sorts for Bob’s 81st — 24 different covers of the classic tune … Continue reading Bob Dylan :: Too Many Mornings (Revisited)

Chairman of the Council of Judges of Russia Viktor Momotov noted that “this will allow us to avoid many controversial issues in the future” In Russia, it is necessary to develop ethical standards of behavior in social networks for officials vested with judicial power. This was stated during a speech at the Council of Judges … Continue reading Russia to develop ethical standards for the behavior of judges in social networks

Dmitry Medvedev The modern West has embraced the “itch of creation” peaceful plans to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, and the Italian proposals, in particular, do not correspond to the interests of Russia and are “cheap schemes”; and “nonsense”. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his … Continue reading Medvedev called Italy’s peace plan for Ukraine “cheap scheming”