Ronald “RJ” Miller :: FREE SOUL

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Ronald “RJ” Miller :: FREE SOUL

The third installment from Maine-based ambient jazz drummer Ronald “RJ” Miller is his most ambitious and rewarding to date. While Miller has been working to subvert the role of free jazz drum playing in ambient music for the better part of two decades (playing with everyone from Masabumi Kikuchi to Meshell Ndegeocello to Luke Temple, as well as producing his swirling 2012 Loyal Label opus Ronald’s Rhythm), FREE SOUL is a new chapter—a collage-type work which feels glitchy and yet deeply alive. Hypnotic, soft drums float over rickety home samples of looping upright piano while Casio blips combine in soft, sylvan ambient drum seance deep in the woods. “The Party Ended” is a blend of ancient boogaloo rhythms transgressed over scratchy organ loops and ghostlike samples: some sort of experimental Americana culled from the everyday. | t csatari

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