“What's the point of carrying a machine gun with you if you can't use it?”

Several groups of migrants crossed the border between Poland and Belarus on the night of November 10. The rest of the refugees live in tents near Polish checkpoints and hope that they will be allowed to transit through Poland to wealthy EU countries, mainly Germany. However & nbsp; Europeans themselves, judging by the responses on the Web, are not welcome guests. Many treat migrants & nbsp; as criminals encroaching on Polish sovereignty.

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Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga said on Twitter: “ The migrant attack on the Polish border reminded us of a similar situation in 2015, when Hungary faced the same problem. Although other EU countries have condemned us for building a special fence, it has proven to be a very effective means of preventing illegal border crossings in Hungary. Brussels (in the capital of Belgium is the headquarters of the European Union. & Ndash; “ MK '') must understand that to protect Poland from migrants, all European countries must act! ''.

Briton Robert Phil Martinez proposes to act even tougher: “ Are you idiots? Just shoot them, what are you waiting for? International law allows the state to defend its borders with weapons. These are not migrants, but ordinary foreign invaders who want to live at someone else's expense! ''.

Many EU citizens hold the same point of view. User Joseph Feegle wrote: “ This congestion of migrants at the border became a problem only because you were foolish enough to let them stay there. I think it will be much more difficult to cross the border if you are being shot at with a rifle. ”

User Ray Showsmith also called for the use of weapons against unarmed people:“ I cannot understand the logic of the Polish military. What is the point of carrying a machine gun with you if you cannot use it? This is & nbsp; actually & nbsp; your job! & Raquo ;.

German user with the nickname “ mh293 '' left his opinion in the comments: “ I cannot and do not wish to sympathize with these people (migrants. & laquo; MK ''). They & ndash; arrogant invaders who are trying to illegally cross the border of a European state. This is their own choice, no one invited them here. You need to fight criminals so that they will forever remember that it is not worth getting in here. Anyone who threatens the national security of our countries deserves no mercy. ''

A British citizen with the nickname 'Rubitho' tried to explain the inhuman attitude of European citizens towards refugees: “ This is a very sad and terrible situation for both migrants and the countries of the European Union. Just on the BBC & nbsp; these disadvantaged people said they had nothing to eat. But we cannot feed them and build houses for refugees out of pity! They themselves need to satisfy their own needs, and not shift the responsibility onto our shoulders. ''

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