A former hospital electrician David Fuller is being tried in the UK for the murder and rape of two girls, which he committed more than 30 years ago. The bodies of the victims were found in the town of Tunbridge Wells near London in 1987. It was possible to detain a 67-year-old man only in 2020. During a search of his house, a video archive was found that revealed another Fuller's secret: for 12 years he raped the corpses of women and girls in hospital morgues, where he worked as an electrician. Sky News writes about it.

David Fuller was arrested 34 years later after he committed the murder of two girls. The police could not solve the crime for so long due to the fact that from the evidence they had only an imprint with the criminal's blood on the cuff of one of the victims' blouses and a trace of his sole. But with the improvement of technology in 2019, detectives managed to find about 90 people in the national DNA database that matched the killer's data. Ultimately, the circle narrowed to one. Fuller was detained in December 2020. & Nbsp;

During a search of his home, police found hidden hard drives, CDs and floppy disks containing more than 14 million sex crime images. They also found Fuller's diary, in which he recorded the data of his victims: from a nine-year-old girl to a hundred-year-old woman. The detainee raped about 100 corpses in 12 years. However, the police believe that there may be many more, since Fuller has been working in the hospital since 1989. & nbsp;

Fuller worked as an electrician in the hospital and had free access to any area. There were five employees in the morgue who went home at 4 pm. And Fuller usually worked until 19:00, so he committed violent actions just at this three-hour window in a separate autopsy room. During non-working hours, no one went there, video surveillance was not installed in the ward, and refrigerators opened in both directions. In addition, the corridors of the morgue were designed in such a way that Fuller could, unnoticed by the porter, who came with new bodies, leave the premises.

At the trial, Fuller confessed to the murder of two girls, committed in 1987, and to the desecration of 100 corpses women and girls. He faces punishment up to life. No sentencing date has been set yet. & Nbsp;

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid has announced the launch of an independent investigation into the incident, Sky News reported. According to the official, it will help to understand how such crimes could go unnoticed, as well as to identify those responsible for the fact that such a thing happened. The investigation will not affect the lawsuit in any way, but most importantly, it will help to avoid similar situations in the future.

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