The PRC military is planning to practice launching missile strikes on American ships. There is no other way to explain the fact that China has built in the center of the country, in the Taklamakan desert, a target for missiles in the form of the Gerald R. Ford class multipurpose aircraft carrier. An imitation of an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer stands nearby and mdash; all life size. understood the intricacies of the teachings of the Chinese military. & Nbsp;

Full scale mock-ups of an American aircraft carrier and at least two life-size Arleigh Burke-class destroyers were built in the Ruoqiang region of central China. Aircraft carriers of this class are distinguished by the introduction of a number of new technologies and design solutions, in particular, elements of stealth technology. The presented URO destroyers are also modern ships with fourth generation guided missile weapons. They were built quickly and in large quantities, becoming one of the most popular destroyers in the United States. & Nbsp;

Taklamakan, where the models of the ships were discovered, is one of the largest sandy deserts in the world. The site is adjacent to a former target proving ground that China used to test early versions of its so-called DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missile assassins. By the way, several years ago, during a joint exercise, Russian motorized riflemen made an off-road march in a BMP-2M in this desert. There is also a training ground for the training center of the ground forces of the Chinese army. & Nbsp;

The pictures show that the outer contours are completely identical to the outlines of the warships that they imitate. Experts came to this conclusion by comparing photographs from the Chinese desert and photographs of real ships. At the same time, high masts can be seen on the models, probably for placing measuring instruments. Most likely, the devices are designed to measure impact parameters. & Nbsp;

The model of an aircraft carrier is a flat metal surface. The destroyers are not made of metal, but by their outlines they are quite identifiable as prototypes. Targets are set on rails & mdash; hence, they can be moved. They will probably be used more than once & mdash; everything is too thought out and detailed. While preparations are underway for the exercises & mdash; there are no signs of the use of any weapon in the immediate vicinity of the dummies.

Of course, such an event required a lot of finance. However, according to experts, testing an anti-ship ballistic missile in the desert will not reflect the actual conditions of the marine environment, which could affect sensors and guidance. It is also difficult to assume that China wanted to hide the teachings in this way. Still, modern satellites will even see a hedgehog in the desert, not like an aircraft carrier. But it can be said unequivocally that China pays special attention to the warships of the US Navy.

Information about the mock-ups of the ships was published by the USNI News portal, owned by the US Naval Institute. Models of weapons were photographed by satellites & mdash; the images were provided by the American company Maxar Technologies.

The idea of ​​building mock-ups of American aircraft carriers to practice strikes is not new. The Iranian Navy regularly conducts military exercises with imitation of the enemy; in 2015, for the first time, they used a model of an American aircraft carrier to practice strikes. In 2020, they conducted military exercises in the Strait of Hormuz, where they fired rockets at the layout of an American aircraft carrier. But the Chinese layouts are made, of course, much more realistic. & Nbsp;

The Americans themselves are actively using layout technologies & mdash; including models of Chinese and Russian anti-aircraft missile systems. & nbsp; aircraft-carrier-destroyers-in-remote-desert


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