The State Duma will adopt them next week

The government has already submitted two bills to the State Duma that promise Russians a fun life with quar codes – at least until next summer. You will have to carry your passport with you everywhere and for everyone. The restrictions prescribed in the documents do not apply to minors. How much the innovations will cost is not said, but additional costs will be required for sure. Security guards and controllers at the entrance will have the right to exclude violators of the new regime.

Photo: Lilia Sharlovskaya adopted by parliament and signed by the president.

So, what to prepare for and from what day?

We are looking at the first and main of the documents, which suggests changes to the law “On the sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.” It will contain an article on the procedure for providing services “in the event of a threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection.”

If, by decision of the president, the heads of regions introduce any restrictive measures or special regimes, they (the heads of regions) must provide citizens with the opportunity to visit “places of mass and other events”, cultural organizations (theaters, cinemas, concert halls, museums, circuses, and etc.), any catering establishments – bars, canteens, cafe-restaurants or food courts, as well as shops selling non-food products only with a special document … This document must confirm either the fact of vaccination against coronavirus, or the fact of a past illness, or the fact that there are medical contraindications to vaccination. Rospotrebnadzor will approve the form of the coveted paper (its digital substitute will be the quar code, and on the smartphone too). It will be possible to get a paper equivalent at the MFC; delivery is promised to residents of rural areas.

And you will definitely need to have a passport with you and present it upon request of those standing at the entrance somewhere. Fans of making noise and quarreling with unapproachable cashiers, controllers or security guards at the entrance will be shown another new clause of the law: it says that “a person who directly passes citizens to places of events, organizations and objects” is not something that can – “ is obliged to demand an identity document from a citizen ”. If a citizen persists and does not show his passport, he is “not allowed inside.”

Without the coveted document and passport, it will only be possible to go to pharmacies, grocery stores and stores selling essential goods. And for those who are under 18 years old.

Although the bill is supposed to enter into force immediately after publication, if desired and the acceleration given to the parliament, it can occur in a week – a maximum of one and a half, in full and firmly all of the above will work only from February 1, 2022. Until that day, the right to establish on their territory the procedure for visiting the above places and events by those who do not have the above documents will be given to the leadership of the subjects of the Federation. The bill only proposes, until February 1, 2022, to allow Russians who do not have treasured papers to go everywhere, having another paper on their hands – about a negative PCR result. What is the limitation period – then Rospotrebnadzor will say.

The nuances of visiting places and objects by foreigners vaccinated with vaccines not registered in Russia are especially spelled out. The data on such foreigners will be entered into our system “Gosuslugi”, which will open up the possibility for them to receive a quar code. In what order to be entered – then the Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation, Head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova will establish. It will also establish special rules for foreigners to visit all of the above public places and enterprises.

It is also written that the result of PCR laboratories should be given “during the shift”, that is, a maximum of a day, if the shift is daily, you must understand.

The second bill proposes to amend the Air Code and the Railway Transport Charter. Everything written here is also only for adults, that is, those who have reached the age of 18. It's the same story: a plane ticket will not be sold, and they will not be allowed on the plane even with a purchased ticket without a document confirming vaccination, medical evacuation from vaccination or an illness. For foreigners, a negative PCR and an identity document are sufficient.

All these requirements apply to passengers who bought a ticket before the date of which the government will determine.

If it finds fake information provided by the passenger about himself, the airline is “obliged” to terminate the contract with him within 48 hours after the purchase of the ticket and no later than 4 hours before the check-in for the flight is completed. Instead, they will issue a special form of paper, according to which you can get money for a ticket “in full” – within 30 days after the date of the canceled trip. The government honestly admits: the federal budget will have to compensate for the losses of air and rail carriers. The funds will be included in the country's main financial plan for 2022-24.

Similar rules are expected to be introduced when selling tickets for long-distance trains. This does not apply to electric trains.

It is not yet known who and how will monitor compliance with the new requirements at railway ticket offices and trains, this should be clarified by the government.

An interesting detail: the bill allows an exception from rules for some “categories of persons”, which, again, will then be determined by the government in a bylaw.

Russians returning from abroad will also need a quar code. Or a negative PCR test result …

The deadline for the measures listed in both bills is June 1, 2022.


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