The efficiency of the French border guards is no more than 8%

While the eyes of the whole world are focused on the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border, an equally large-scale migration crisis has flared up in Great Britain long ago. In just one day, November 11, nearly 1,200 people entered the United Kingdom through the English Channel illegally. For insufficient containment of illegal migrants, British Prime Minister Johnson has already scolded France. The expert assessed the seriousness of the situation.

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On Thursday, November 11, 1,185 migrants crossed the Channel, a record daily figure, according to the UK Home Office. The total number of refugees who have reached the British shores by sea this year is approaching 25 thousand.

It is also striking that earlier, with the onset of cold weather in Britain, migration flows were noticeably reduced. This year, for some reason, this did not happen. Traditionally, the peaks of these indicators are in the summer and early fall. As winter approaches, they decrease sharply.

The record month for the arrival of migrants in the UK this year was September, when almost 5,000 people entered the country illegally. During the same period in 2020, about 2 thousand refugees arrived. And now, unexpectedly for many, November breaks all records. In the first 11 days of this month alone, 3.8 thousand refugees entered Britain by sea.

Every year there are reports of the deaths of illegal travelers trying to get from the continent to the English coast. As the migrants themselves told The Sun in September, in their opinion, the risk of dying while trying to cross the English Channel in a fragile boat is worth their goal – to be in the UK, which some call “paradise.” Many are fleeing in search of a better life from countries such as Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Eritrea. Participants in schemes for transporting illegal refugees often charge thousands of euros for a seat in a boat. After crossing the strait, 98 percent of people entering Britain, according to statistics, apply for asylum. True, not everyone is given it – those whom the authorities consider “economic migrants” are not given the right to stay on British soil.

In almost all of these cases, illegal immigrants arrive on ferries, boats, boats and other watercraft to the United Kingdom from France, which, in turn, must control its borders and prevent such a huge number of violations.

Meanwhile, the British themselves are confident that the French border guards are performing their duties in an extremely bad faith. And this, of course, there is statistical evidence: according to the British Ministry of the Interior, on that record Thursday, when the daily number of migrants who crossed the English Channel more than a thousand people, French border officials stopped only 99 illegal immigrants on seven boats … Thus, the efficiency of their work was no more than 8%.

Against this background, the head of the British government Boris Johnson criticized Paris for being irresponsible. He said that the French are not actively fighting the influx of migrants.

“We have a problem,” Johnson said during his visit to Kent, England. “Migrants are coming from France, and in the end the French authorities will not be able to control these movements.”

According to the British Prime Minister, this behavior leads to the fact that more and more illegal immigrants enter France from the south. “I would tell our French friends: if you close the door at the far end of the corridor, then people will stop entering it from the other end. Do you understand what I'm talking about?” – said Johnson.

At the same time, the head of Downing Street admitted that when illegal immigrants find themselves in the English Channel, it is very difficult for the authorities to send them back to the sea. “We want to do it in a safe and humane way, but it's extremely difficult,” he added.

A British government source told The Daily Telegraph that Paris's response to the migration crisis was “disappointing” – especially in light of promises by French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanen to increase the interception rate of illegal immigrants to 100% in exchange for tens of millions of pounds received from London. p>

However, the French Ministry of Internal Affairs calls the accusations from London “unacceptable”. The ministry stressed that this year the level of interception of migrants in the country as a whole has grown from 56% to 60%, and local law enforcement agencies “have to save lives every day.”

Britain could face the arrival of up to 100,000 migrants every year if no agreement is reached with France, former head of the United Kingdom's border troops, Tony Smith, warned the other day. According to him, the number of people arriving in the country may reach an “epidemic” level.

Meanwhile, representatives of the British border service warn of an impending “humanitarian crisis” at the migration center in Dover, England. There is only one employee for every 40 refugees.

“Migrants have been told that our country is a promised land, but when they arrive, they have to sit on the concrete floor, ask permission to go out to smoke, and they don't get hot food,” Immigration Services Union employee Lucy Morton told the British press. – This creates a pretext for exacerbating the situation. There is a constant risk of riots, and there is a noticeable lack of personnel. “described the situation with migrants in the UK as “permanent”. According to him, the figure of 25 thousand refugees per year for the UK is insignificant. The British faced a flow of illegal immigrants of 100-200 thousand people. Therefore, this is actually not such a serious problem for them.

“Many migrants who came to France at one time wanted to move to the United Kingdom,” the expert continues. – There are higher social benefits and higher salaries. At the same time, everything that happens is not of some kind of organized nature. Illegals themselves use opportunities to get to Britain.

At the same time, the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border is systemic. Never before have there been migrants in this territory. And suddenly they appeared, and even in such a large number. Therefore, there is a slightly different background here.

The leader of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko (instead of stopping this crisis) began to say that this is a response to the hybrid war that the European Union unleashed against the republic. However, in this situation, the boomerang law worked. The Europeans intend to introduce a moratorium on flights to the Minsk airport. In fact, any plane that flies there could be subject to EU sanctions. And these are actually very serious things.

Besides, migrants are still cunning. They say: “You will let us through, we will not stay in Poland. We will take a bus and go straight to Germany. The Germans, of course, are not happy with this option. In addition, according to the Dublin Regulation, if suddenly Warsaw decides to admit refugees, it will be she who will have to accept them: take legal responsibility for the preparation of all the necessary documents, provide them with food, housing, etc.

Now the situation is such that the Belarusians should be responsible for migrants at the border. They flew to them, so let them send them back. But it won't be so easy to do it. So far, only the Iraqi government has expressed its willingness to provide aircraft for its citizens. But charter airlines, for fear of falling under EU sanctions, do not risk transporting migrants. ”


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