The Ministry of Economic Development (MED) of Russia has prepared & nbsp; amendments to the Law on Communications, which will help fight telephone fraud. The innovations imply the transfer, with the consent of the subscriber, of information to the bank about the communication services provided to the client.

The explanatory note to the draft law published on the official portal of draft regulatory legal acts indicates that the purpose of the amendments is to counter theft money from bank accounts using social engineering. That is, a telecom operator forms a database of potential fraudulent numbers, and during a call from such a number to a subscriber's number sends the relevant information to the bank. & Nbsp;

Deputy Director of the Digital Economy Development Department of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexey Minaev in a conversation with Rossiyskaya Gazeta stressed that the bank will be able to prevent some cases of fraud. & nbsp;

“It is important that both the subscriber must consent [to the transfer of data on the services provided], and telecom operators must agree”, – he added. & nbsp;

According to the chairman of the board of the Association of Russian Banks Oleg Skvortsov, for the effectiveness of the initiative & nbsp; it is necessary to establish operational cooperation between banks, telecoms and law enforcement agencies.

Earlier, the expert warned about a new type of fraud on the classifieds site. Attackers first extort money from victims and then ask for loans.


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