Plot of a new type of coronavirus pandemic that spread from China

The Robert Koch Institute reported that the number of confirmed new cases of coronavirus infection in Germany increased by 52 & nbsp; 970 per day, reports TASS.

It is reported that from the consequences of the coronavirus disease COVID -19 in 24 hours 201 patients died.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the infection has been detected in 5,248,291 residents of Germany. 4,588,200 people have recovered. It is noted that the total number of deaths for the entire time of the pandemic in the country reached 98,739.

Earlier it was reported that & nbsp; in Russia, the incidence of COVID-19 has decreased. At the same time, Moscow demonstrates the best indicators. It was also noted that the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza has decreased in Russia. These results were achieved thanks to general preventive measures, including the introduction of non-working days. At the same time, the growth rate of vaccination has increased in the Russian Federation. & Nbsp;


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