Environmentalists believe that the Brazilian authorities deliberately concealed this information during the UN climate conference

Brazil's Amazon forest area has shrunk by 5,100 square miles (13,200 square km) over the past year … This is the highest figure since 2006, follows from the data of the Brazilian agency INPE, cited by The Wall Street Journal. It was possible to estimate the scale of what happened thanks to images from space.

By itself, the release of statistics raised questions from ecologists. In particular, as the WSJ points out, they did not understand why INPE gave the data to the government on October 27, and they were officially presented to the public only on November 18. Between these two dates, a UN conference on climate change took place, at which the topic of Brazilian forests could receive an additional stimulus.

However, the Brazilian Ministry of Ecology denies suspicions in its address in every possible way. They said they got access to satellite images only this week.

The topic of the Amazonian forests was still discussed at the climate conference. It decided to allocate about $ 20 billion to combat deforestation in this part of the planet. At the same time, the representative of Brazil, Joaquim Leite, assured that it would be possible to end illegal logging by 2028.

At the same time, the WSJ indicates that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during his reign (since 2018) has cut funding for support of Amazonian forests , and also strongly supported the farmers and mine owners who do business in the region. In particular, during a trip to Dubai this week, he assured investors that all talk about the Amazon is related only to wildfires, and deforestation is not a problem at all. The INPE data, as ecologists point out, refute these words.

Meanwhile, representatives of environmental organizations point out that the moment is not far off when the process of deforestation will become irreversible, and the Amazon will turn into a tropical savannah. Subscribe to FB RBC Receive news faster than anyone

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