The change of power will lead to the destruction of the country, Volodin believes

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin commented on the initiative of US congressmen not to recognize Vladimir Putin as president if he is re-elected to this post in 2024. According to Volodin, such a reaction from Washington is “the best assessment of the correctness of the path and choice.” Russians.


The parliamentarian recalled that Moscow does not interfere in the American elections and expects the same from the overseas authorities. He also noted that “it’s not up to the US congressmen to decide who is and who isn’t the president of our country.” The Russians themselves will decide, Volodin emphasized.

“They are doing everything to weaken and then destroy us,” the speaker writes on his Telegram channel. “To do this, they need to change our power.”

Volodin noted that the American authors of such initiatives in the past “ admired Gorbachev, applauded Yeltsin, '' while the citizens of Russia faced trials.

“ Due to the weakness of the leaders of the state and the betrayal of the elites '', – he added.

The initiative not to recognize Putin as the president of Russia after 2024 was previously made by Congressmen Steve Cohen and Joe Wilson. The corresponding resolution was submitted to the House of Representatives. The text, among other things, states that there were violations in the previous elections in the Russian Federation, “which kept Putin in power,” because “it is illegal to continue his stay in power.” Cohen and Wilson also called the amendments to the Russian Constitution adopted in 2020 illegal and considered them a violation of Russia's international obligations.

The Federation Council promptly responded to the resolution, calling it interference in internal affairs. “In its pure form”, – noted the vice-speaker of the Federation Council Konstantin Kosachev. In the Foreign Ministry, the idea of ​​the US Congress was considered an “ autumnal madness '', in the Kremlin – ridiculous, aggressive and unfriendly.


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