Photo: Alexander Astafiev

Former presidential aide Vladislav Surkov expressed his opinion about the likelihood of chaos in any social system, regardless of the authorities and the state building. In his column for “Topical Comments”, he writes that “in theory, entropy tends to grow precisely in closed, closed systems,” therefore, the way out is the opening of the system and the release of steam. However, he considers such a way to reduce tensions doubtful.

“It is extremely risky to set up liberal experiments on the domestic political bloc,” writes Surkov.

In his opinion, when the system is “depressurized” reactor “uncontrolled” emissions of civil irritation “can occur, and” irreversible destabilization “will come. Surkov cited as an example the situation in the USSR and in Russia in the 80-90s.

Also in his column, Surkov announced the expansion of Russia.


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