Why change spelling rules?

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Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 46. Where will they not be allowed without a QR code? 11/17/2021

Why are new spelling and punctuation rules being developed? Will the whole country have to retrain?

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The draft of new rules was developed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. These changes are caused by the fact that the Russian language is experiencing a strong wave of borrowings. There are many words, the spelling of which requires clarification, because they are written in different ways.

“ These are, for example, the words distributor, banner, tutor, realtor & hellip; The latter has four spellings: realtor, realtor, realtor and realtor. The new rules suggest staying at the fourth option. After all, say, we write a patient not through E, but through E, & ndash; says scientific director of the Center for Media Communications Research at the State Institute of the Russian Language. A. S. Pushkin Andrey Shcherbakov . & ndash; The second point is connected with writing together or with a hyphen. For example, mass media is invited to write in one piece, as well as online and offline. When these words first came to us, they were written in Latin and hyphenated. By the way, the Internet was also written in Latin letters and with a capital letter, and now they write exclusively in Cyrillic and more and more often with a small letter.

But I emphasize: the Ministry of Education does not propose a reform, but only a document that fixes the current situation. To consolidate the new norms and enter them into dictionaries, a government decision is required, under which a working group operates. She hasn’t even gotten around to it yet. ”

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