China launched an aircraft that was five times the speed of sound, launching an unknown projectile in the process. The device can fly over the South Pole, out of reach of US missile defense systems

The Pentagon military was' taken by surprise '' in July, when China conducted test launches of a hypersonic aircraft, as it used technologies unknown to the United States, writes the Financial Times, citing sources.

During the tests, the Chinese aircraft was able to develop a speed of at least five times the speed of sound, and at the same time to launch. According to the Financial Times, no country has ever been able to do this before. Experts from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) were unable to explain exactly how China managed to achieve this.

Also, in the United States, they do not know which projectile launched the aircraft, but they note that it did not have an obvious target and later simply fell into the water (the tests took place over the waters of the South China Sea). Some Pentagon experts believe it could be an air-class missile. air. ''

It is also believed that the ultimate goal of the new technology may be to destroy missile defense systems so that they cannot intercept hypersonic weapons, writes the Financial Times.

< p> According to experts, these data prove that China has advanced much further than the United States and Russia in the field of such developments.

According to the newspaper, the aircraft that made the launch was launched using the bombing. '' It can fly over the South Pole, out of reach of US missile defense systems that focus on potential threats from the North Pole. This gives China more opportunities to hit targets in the United States.

Beijing previously noted that the military policy of the PRC is only defensive in nature and is not aimed against any country. China has assured that they have no plans for military operations.

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