And he condemned the violence in the streets

The famous Kazakh crime boss Arman Dikiy stated on Instagram that the protests in the country are not peaceful, he sees violence as provocations. “How many Kazakhs die because of those who rush after the DCK and Ablyazov ?! You can't even put forward your demands. Stop it, ”said Arman Dikiy to the residents of the country. At the same time, in the video, his clothes are stained with something red – apparently, the crime boss suffered during one of these protests.

Photo: Social networks

Arman Dikiy himself is widely known among the people as “looking after Kazakhstan”. In 2005, he, together with his people, dispersed the conference of the opposition movement “For a Fair Kazakhstan!”, Literally driving the elder under the table. At the same time, he rejected the institution of thieves in law and called himself a “batyr”. In those days, until he got involved in crime, he was engaged in boxing and participated in tournaments, he won several times.

Now Arman Dikiy noted that he was ready to give his life for the Kazakh people. “Let's keep our unity. Those who provoke people are enemies of the Kazakh people, ”the authority said. According to Arman, the protesters have not formulated their demands for the authorities. He stressed that among the protesters there are provocateurs who “distribute vodka and drugs”, and some are armed with grenades and firearms. “Are these rallies? This is chaos, anarchy! ” – stressed Arman.

Meanwhile, the situation in the country is deteriorating. The CSTO decided to send a peacekeeping contingent to the country.


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