According to Dmitry Steshin, military commander of Komsomolskaya Pravda, who settled in the fortified areas of the industrial zone in Mariupol, are “Azovstal inmates” from the nationalist battalions entered into negotiations with the Russian troops.

“We again entered into negotiations. At 15.00 ours stopped shelling, it became quiet. We began to discuss the terms of surrender and the place. At first, the Nazis did not like the place – the central entrance, they wanted another , then the time – they suggested moving it to tomorrow or even to Wednesday,” he said.

The military commissar explained that the Russian negotiators immediately realized that they were trying to distract them with such talk. “We decided to use the drone, we noticed a fuss near one of the shops – the Nazis tried to tow the tank in order to drag it from shop to shop. Since our command received a picture from the plant in real time, strategic bombers immediately joined the negotiations. But people of good will disconnected from these negotiations,” he added.


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