Story Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

The newest Russian main battle tank T-90M «Proryv-3» was seen during a special operation in Ukraine. The combat vehicle was shown in a video called “The Russian Guard destroyed an armored group of Ukrainian military.” Let's figure out what kind of tank it is.

Tank T-90M “Breakthrough”. Photo: RIA Novosti/Evgeny Odinokov

Seven clothes

First of all, I would like to note his disguise. The turret and hull, including from the side projections, are tightly covered in a special protective “stealth cape”, making it almost invisible to the most advanced enemy surveillance devices.

Part of the tank is covered with artificial grass, as if a modern designer has worked on it. Even a powerful 125-mm cannon is partially covered with a material similar to artificial vegetation. 


The progenitor of the T-90M — the main tank of the Russian troops T-90 “Vladimir”. In the 2000s, the T-90 became the most commercially successful tank in the world. However, in order to comply with modern trends, the Russian tank forces needed a new, more advanced vehicle. To save time and money, it was decided to modernize the proven T-90.

The new vehicle developed by UKBTM has been supplied to the tank forces of the Russian army since April 2020.

The T-90M received a fundamentally new turret module, which differs from the serial ones in previous versions. “Eyes” The T-90M serves as a multi-channel sight with thermal imaging, television, sighting and rangefinding channels, as well as a missile control channel. The latest electronic devices provide 24/7 use. There are eight triplexes and a video surveillance system in place of the commander, providing a complete overview. 

The T-90M differs from the basic version of the tank in a new turret module with multilayer armor. Also, the T-90M received lattice screens and dynamic protection “Relic”. The active protection complex is ready to automatically throw out aerosol grenades, hiding the tank from enemy guidance systems behind a cloud of dense smoke.

Another important feature of the upgraded — the ability to exchange data with other machines in real time.


The powerful 125 mm tank gun allows the use of new high-performance ammunition. For example, to defeat heavily armored targets, the new “ninetieth” can fire armor-piercing sub-caliber ammunition. And the 9M119M guided missile developed by the Tula Instrument Design Bureau is capable of hitting not only tanks with modern dynamic protection, but also low-flying targets, including helicopters. To combat manpower, for example, anti-tank grenade launchers, in the arsenal of “Breakthrough” there are high-explosive fragmentation projectiles for remote detonation. The tank is capable of attacking the enemy at a distance of up to 5 km, including on the move. 

Visible in the video are the main multi-channel sight, its backup, the commander's panoramic device and the remotely controlled installation with the Kord machine gun.

Move — life

T-90M is equipped with multi-fuel diesel engines of increased power, providing good maneuverability and speed characteristics. 1130 hp diesel engine quite economical and provides a combat vehicle with a good power reserve.

All the conveniences

In the “Breakthrough” a lot of small, but very pleasant little things for fighters appeared — rear view camera, air conditioning, adjustable seats, armor with anti-slip coating. The level of comfort of modern tanks has grown significantly.


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