Erdogan's representative allowed the formation of a global security architecture that would satisfy all parties. Earlier, British Foreign Minister Liz Truss said that the existing system “failed Ukraine” and a new approach is needed

Ankara, Turkey

Ankara will continue its efforts to end hostilities in Ukraine and end the conflict between Kyiv and Moscow, Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalyn said following a visit to the Ukrainian capital.

Kalym does not exclude that it will be possible to “find a solution based on territorial the integrity of Ukraine and build a security architecture” that would satisfy all parties, he wrote on Twitter.

Kalyn said that in order to resolve the conflict, it is necessary to maintain contacts with all participants. “If everyone ignores Russia, then how can the Russian side be convinced and persuaded to peace?” he wondered (quote from Anadolu).

The representative of the Turkish leader also called on Moscow and Kyiv to return to face-to-face negotiations: “The continuation of the Istanbul process can play a key role in ending this war. <…> Our efforts in this direction will continue.

After talks in Istanbul on March 29, in response to Moscow's demand to abandon plans to join NATO, Kyiv proposed a new security guarantee scheme involving permanent members of the UN Security Council, including Russia. The project assumes that in the event of an attack on Ukraine, the guarantor countries will provide military assistance and weapons, and Ukraine undertakes not to deploy foreign military bases on its territory and not to enter into military-political alliances.

The head of the Russian delegation, Volodymyr Medinsky, explained that the Ukrainian security scheme involves refusing to produce and deploy all types of weapons of mass destruction in the country, joining military alliances, deploying foreign military bases, contingents, and conducting military exercises on its territory without the consent of the guarantor states.< /p>Read on RBC Pro Pro Sprints do not belong here: how to speed up development in times of instability words the employer can be fined Instructions Pro How to enter foreign markets when half the world has turned away from Russia Articles Pro Double-digit inflation and hostages of offices: top 10 materials of April Articles Pro

Both Ukraine and Russia admitted that after the Istanbul meeting, the negotiation process between Moscow and Kyiv “significantly became more complicated”.

At the end of April, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss announced the need for a new approach to security, according to which countries will increase defense spending, NATO will become a global organization, and economic dependence on “aggressor countries” will be reduced to the maximum. “Let's be honest. The security architecture that was designed to ensure peace and prosperity has failed Ukraine,— she said (quote from Reuters).

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