More than 7 years have passed since that terrible day when, as a result of the shelling of Shakhtersk (DPR), 9-year-old Vanya Voronov lost both legs, arms and vision. Many Russians helped the family. Ivan is already 17 years old, and he courageously adapts to a new life.


2 January 2015 to the family of Lesia Voronova from&nbsp ; Shakhtyorsk (DPR) trouble came. 9-year-old Ivan suffered from a  explosion of a shell in the yard of his house, where he played with younger brother. Five-year-old brother Vanya Timofey and stepfather died on the spot. Vanya lost his right arm and both legs. Shrapnel hit his eyes.

The history did not leave the Russians indifferent. Vanya was evacuated by a special board of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation and delivered for treatment to Moscow — at Research Institute of Pediatric Emergency Surgery under the direction of L.M. Roshal.

«From«the first day I told him: there will be legs, you will go . The handle will. We will cure the eyes. And from the first day  we with this thought that we will live like everyone else» — Lesya Voronova told reporters.

He walks and sees

On March 10, 2022, Ivan turned 17 years old. There are two very good news. First — Doctors miraculously restored Ivan's partial vision. Second — the guy walks on his own with prostheses, because magic surgeons have preserved his knee joints.

Volunteer Elena Kurenkova-Kulakovskaya told about rehabilitation of Ivan and his life. The social worker leads Vanya Voronov's group #YAVANIA on VKontakte and helps the affected children of Donbass.

«Vanya lives in Moscow. Goes to a special school for visually impaired children, studies well, — says Elena Kurenkova-Kulakovskaya.   At the moment, he is preparing for the next prosthetic leg and arm, because the young man's body is growing. In & nbsp; everyday life, Vanya is quite adapted, independently serves himself. Relatives are fully engaged in his education and development. The young man is fond of computer games and technologies.

Vanya with his mother after the first operations in Moscow. Photo: From a personal archive

Volunteer states that Ivan's one eye is incapacitated, and sees the other with the help of special glasses. The young man attends massage courses, a fitness room, a swimming pool and gymnastics to eliminate scoliosis and improve posture.

“Vanya independently masters the route to the school, before his stepfather drove him. At school, he with class often goes on excursions and various events», — the volunteer continues.

Ivan with a fitness instructor. The young man himself walks on prostheses! Photo: From the personal archive

Vanya has a brother and a sister

Ivan's family is ordinary, parents — people are not public, they try not to remember experienced experiences.

Vanya's parents broke up even before the tragic event in Donbass. His own father has a different family, he lives in the suburbs of Moscow.

Ivan's mother Lesya Viktorovna got married. Her husband — also from Shakhtyorsk, they knew each other from their youth.

A man and a woman met in Moscow when a tragedy happened to Vanya. Since together. Vanya had a sister and a brother. He loves them very much and cares.

2015: Vanya's father bowed to his wounded son. Photo: Channel One frame

In the summer, the whole family goes to rest on the sea. They don't forget to visit native Shakhtyorsk — Grandma lives there.

In Shakhtyorsk, where the tragedy occurred, Ivan comes to visit his friends stayed there.

Vanya Voronov and his family VKontakte pages give everyone a huge hello and thank you for care, attention and support throughout the years.

Seven years after the tragedy, Ivan adapts to a new life. Photo: From the personal archive Rate the material


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