Finnish Prime Minister Marin: There is a discussion in Parliament about applying to NATO In the Finnish Parliament, discussions are underway on the issue of NATO membership, various scenarios of Moscow's reaction are being worked out, Marin said. The Russian Foreign Ministry has previously warned about the “most undesirable consequences” “Finnish Prime Minister reported on parliamentary discussions on NATO membership” />

Discussions continue in the Finnish parliament about the country's likely accession to NATO, what is happening in Ukraine has changed the security environment and “there is no turning back.” This was stated by Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin after a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Associated Press reports.

“We must decide whether to apply for NATO membership or continue our current path,” Marin told.— This is the discussion that we are now having in our national parliament.

Helsinki is working on different scenarios of Russia's reaction in case Finland joins NATO, Marin added, Helsingin Sanomat reports. “We need to be brave together, we must not let such threats influence our own decisions,” she stressed.

As Scholz said, it is clear to Germany and Finland that state borders cannot be changed by the use of force. “Now that Russia is trying to do it in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that it will try to do it somewhere else,” pointed out the German chancellor.

In his opinion, Russian President Vladimir Putin seeks to “restore Russia's former importance in a changed world.”

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The Russian Foreign Ministry had previously stated that Finland's entry into NATO would lead to “the most undesirable consequences that must be avoided.” Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko noted that the length of the border between Russia and Finland is 1.3 thousand km, because of which Moscow intends to “take measures to ensure our security and defense.” The Kremlin announced plans to “balance the situation” in the event of Finland's membership in NATO, while indicating that this issue is not an existential threat for Russia.

Finnish President Sauli Niinistö called Moscow's warnings about the consequences of the expected reaction, assuming that Russia will start building military bases near the border and build up its military presence in the Baltic.

According to sources in the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti, Niinistö will announce support for Finland's entry into NATO on May 12, which will be supported by the parties in parliament. Until that date, Finnish parliamentary committees will complete their discussion of the report on foreign and security policy. Then, the interlocutors of the publication said, the application for membership in the alliance will be submitted to NATO without additional discussions in the committees and without voting.

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