Wamono Groove: Shakuhachi & Koto Jazz Funk ’76

Released earlier this year via the Paris based 180g, the label’s Wamono Groove: Shakuhachi & Koto Jazz Funk ’76 compilation does not let up. From ultra-clean drum breaks (there are a lot of them), to its West LA Fadeaway-esque approach to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”, on Kiyoshi Yamaya & Kifu Mitsuhashi’s “Sōma Nagareyama”, the sets mesh of occidental groove with eastern textures is seamless. Along with the introduction of the Fender Rhodes into numerous jazz outfits at the time, the showcasing of instruments like the shakuhachi and koto into the foreground completes the bridge from new and old sounds with such ease that it immediately leaves you wanting more. Thankfully, this release is just one installment of the label’s ongoing Wamano series… | m hentz

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