The Sinn Fein party calls the unification of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland into a single state its main goal

Sinn Féin members

Irish National Republican Party Sinn Féin (Sinn Fein) won a majority of seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly for the first time, The Guardian reported, citing the results of the vote.

At the moment, 88 out of 90 mandates have been distributed. “Sinn Fein” has already won 27 seats in the Northern Ireland Parliament, followed by the Democratic Unionist Party with 24 seats. Sinn Féin leader Michel O'Neil will become the first minister of the country, the newspaper writes.

The main goal of Sinn Féin is to calls the unification of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland into a single state.

“Today represents a very important moment of change. This is a defining moment in our politics and for our people,” — Michelle O'Neil commented on the victory of the party (quoted by Reuters).

She stated that “honest debate” should now begin; around the issue of unification of the territory with the Republic of Ireland.

Northern Ireland Shadow Secretary of State Peter Kyle congratulated the party on obtaining the right to appoint the country's first minister. “It's good for Northern Ireland that parties from any community can nominate a first minister, and it shows that the Belfast Agreement is working,” he noted.

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The 1998 Belfast Agreement put an end to the armed confrontation between Unionist Protestants and Nationalist Catholics in Northern Ireland. In accordance with the agreement, the formation of the government takes place according to the proportional method, so that it is represented by all communities.

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