M. Takara :: Tigre Triste

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M. Takara :: Tigre Triste

M. Takara is a sound artist that plays drums for Brazilian post-rock bands Hurtmold and São Paulo Underground. In his solo material he is more impressionistic, experimenting more vividly with rhythmic abstractions — delicate mathematical shapes that a more conventional rock band would certainly spoil. Whether ordering glitchy breaks and riffs, or sampling the noise of kitchen utensils and of a cavaquinho (the traditional mini-guitar of samba), Puro Osso produces a certain ambience both reminiscent of Tom Zé and the electronic prayers found in the work of Boards of Canada (or, more recently, in Kara-Lis Coverdale or Ana Roxanne). All instruments are weirdly tuned and looped into tones that ebb like bubbles forming cells of melodies which in turn form seductive trails across a watery landscape. | r moraes

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