Yevgeny Korniychuk said that Ukraine needs Israel's military-technical assistance, in particular, the sale of the Iron Dome missile defense system. However, Jerusalem Post sources believe that this is unlikely to happen

The work of the “Iron Dome” to intercept missiles fired from the Gaza Strip

Ukraine wants to buy Israel's Iron Dome missile defense system, Ukrainian Ambassador to the country Yevhen Korniychuk said, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Korniychuk said that the topic of military operations in Ukraine has almost completely disappeared from the Israeli media. In his opinion, this was a reflection of the government's concern about what was happening and the desire to “push into the background” Ukrainian agenda.

“I want the Israeli government to step out of its comfort zone and return to reality,— said the ambassador.— We need Israel's help. I mean we need military technical assistance; we need the Iron Dome <…>».

At the same time, Korniychuk stressed that Kyiv does not need a “donation”, but wants to buy a missile defense system.

< p>However, the Jerusalem Post, citing sources, writes that Israel is unlikely to sell the Iron Dome Ukraine or another country due to agreements with the United States regulating the export of defense products, as well as international obligations in the field of export control of such products.

The issue of transferring the Iron Dome missile defense system to Ukraine already raised in September 2021. Then Politico, citing a source, reported that some US congressmen proposed to supply Kyiv with two such systems. According to the interlocutor of the publication, this was supposed to help “neutralize the threat that Ukraine faces from Russia.”

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The Russian Foreign Ministry called such reports evidence of “military preparations” Kyiv. “All these things are taken into account in our military planning,” — Andrey Rudenko, Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia, stated.

After the start of Russia's military operation in Ukraine, Israel supplied the country with humanitarian aid, as well as equipment, such as bulletproof vests and helmets. However, Korniychuk said that there were problems with these deliveries. According to him, Israel sent much fewer vests and helmets than was in the Ukrainian request, and they were third, not fifth class, so they were less effective.

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