Air defense systems worked out in a training format from a ship of the Black Sea Fleet against targets at low altitude, Mikhail Razvozhaev said *

Mikhail Razvozzhaev

In Sevastopol, a training test of the air defense system was held from one of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet. This was announced by the governor of the city, Mikhail Razvozhaev.


altitude from one of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet was successful, & mdash; he wrote in Telegram.

At the end of May, Razvozhaev said that, since the main base of the Black Sea Fleet is located in Sevastopol, access to some of the city's beaches is limited during a special military operation. “Responsible law enforcement agencies are taking measures that I cannot speak about in detail and for obvious reasons,” — he added.

On May 26, Crimean Governor Sergei Aksyonov extended the high level of terrorist threat until June 10 in the urban districts of Armyansk, Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk, Dzhankoysky and Krasnoperekopsky districts, as well as at the facilities of the ministries of transport, housing and communal services, health, fuel and energy, industrial policy and the State Committee for Water economy and melioration of the region.

He assured that the situation on the peninsula is calm, the situation is under full control, and security is provided by law enforcement agencies and law enforcement agencies.

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The next day, the FSB stopped the illegal channel for the supply of weapons from the territory of Ukraine to Crimea. The seller, two intermediaries and two buyers were caught red-handed— residents of the city of Evpatoria during the sale of the AKS-74U assault rifle and more than 300 rounds of ammunition. Cases were opened against them under Parts 3 and 5 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal acquisition, transfer, sale, storage, transportation, transfer or carrying of weapons, main parts of firearms, ammunition).

On May 20, the FSB announced the initiation of a case against 27 -year-old man who doused paint and tried to set fire to the building of the administration of Evpatoria. He is accused under Part 3 of Art. 30 and part 1 of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code (attempted terrorist act).

A special military operation in Ukraine began on February 24th. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, its goal is the denazification and demilitarization of the country. Ukraine declared martial law, declared mobilization and severed diplomatic relations with Moscow.

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