Badge Époque Ensemble :: “Zodiac”

On their new album, Clouds of Joy, Toronto’s Badge Époque Ensemble has swelled into a 13-headed hydra. Drummer Jay Anderson has played with the group since it began as a duo of himself and Max “Twig” Turnbull four years ago. In director Colin Medley’s rock doc style video for Badge’s latest single, “Zodiac”, the laid back left-handed stickman steps us through their history, briefly introducing each member like a jazz bandleader offering everyone a solo. It’s a blast to revisit the highlights of the Badge discography as Anderson describes the ensemble’s personnel, bringing together members of a Motown tribute band, a metal flautist, and a new keyboardist who looks like a young Walter Becker. Musically, “Zodiac” wraps up everything that the wrecking crew does best, deftly arranging their many instruments into an effervescent, seven and a half minute groove for vocalist James Baley to sashay across. Send in the clouds! | j locke

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