Here, a little-known French politician Régis de Castelnau took it, and and wrote on the Internet that two French howitzers became Russian trophies in Ukraine. And instantly became a hero of the Runet.

Monsieur de Castelnau did so in the heat of controversy with his political opponent President Emmanuel Macron. He hardly he heard him, another thing — us  Information about the fact that a pair of self-propelled howitzers “Caesar” fell into the hands of the Russian army (Caesar) produced by the French company “Nexter”, awakened among the Russians an interest in trophy equipment.

Hunting for trophies

“This is a standard practice,” — shared with military observer, editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine; Igor Korotchenko. — It has been like this since Soviet times and even earlier. Any samples of foreign military equipment are of undoubted interest for study, analysis of strengths and weaknesses. That's right: not for direct copying, which happens extremely rarely, but in order to make adjustments to the development of our own military equipment based on the results of the study.

Military and political intelligence agencies have always been tasked with obtaining documentation on western weapons, and better — original samples. For early samples of “Stinger” people received the Stars of Heroes of the Soviet Union! We can also recall the “stealth plane” shot down over Yugoslavia. F-117, which was brought to Russia and disassembled by screw for study.

Other countries behave in exactly the same way. The same Americans, after the start of the special operation, organized a whole conveyor from Ukraine to deliver fragments of Russian military equipment from there. First of all, this concerned our cruise missiles, “Caliber” and t. e. Here is the French self-propelled howitzer “Caesar” good for something. Although in Russia there are similar self-propelled guns on wheeled chassis — anti-ship artillery complex “Bereg”, for example".

Greetings from Urals!

At "Uralvagonzavod", by the way, receiving "Caesars" confirmed. The concern published a rather sarcastic response to the French politician: “Please convey your gratitude to President Macron for donated self-propelled guns. Technique is the same, of course. Not that our “Msta-S” (By the way, it is produced by one of “subsidiaries” of UVZ. — But nevertheless it will come in handy in the economy. Send more — let's disassemble», — write the Urals, alluding to the promise of the President of France to send Kyiv some more “Caesars”.

French wheeled self-propelled guns — not the first sample of foreign military equipment obtained through Ukraine. In the early days of the special operation, the hands of the Russian army began to fall into the hands of the Javelin anti-tank systems, which, it used to be, the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine threw en masse during the retreat. Their fate was shared by the Swedish-British NLAW anti-tank systems, HMMWV armored jeeps, the English Saxon armored car, and the Ukrainian Kazak-2 armored vehicles. and   "Warta"… All these samples, for the for the most part, are not some kind of revelations in the field of armaments and military equipment. It is unlikely that the West will send really advanced types of weapons to Ukraine. How many times has President Zelensky asked the United States for Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems! But Washington only went to to force Slovakia to transfer old Soviet S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine in exchange for vague promises to supply Patriots  Bratislava. And then, as it turned out, not to ownership, but to rent.

On the evening of June 23, news came that the long-awaited HiMARS MLRS had finally been delivered from the USA to Ukraine. Although, of course, they were waiting not so much for the “iron” itself, but for & nbsp; & mdash; when the Ukrainian servicemen who will have to service these missile launchers will pass the training and pass the tests. The training course, even the most accelerated one, took almost a month. So “welcome to” Ukraine, dear HiMARS comrade. You were probably waiting for you in  Tula at  NPO Splav. This is an enterprise that develops and manufactures Russian multiple launch rocket systems. All Grads, Tornadoes and "Hurricane" originally from there.

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