Intrigues and betrayal force Zelensky to fire his friends

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky removed from office two heads of law enforcement agencies at once – the SBU and the prosecutor's office. The final decision on the dismissal of Ivan Bakanov and Irina Venediktova has not been made, but so far acting duties have been appointed in their places. According to Zelensky, this decision was influenced by numerous facts of treason on the part of employees of structures. But is it really so?

Ivan Bakanov. Photo: press service of the SBU

In Kyiv, they assure that there is no talk of dismissing Bakanov and Venediktova and they are now only temporarily suspended for verification.

It is noteworthy that the resignation of Zelensky’s childhood friend was quite expected since June and was associated with a murky story, when Bakanov’s high-ranking subordinates took $20 million from Nezalezhnaya to Europe the day before the start of Russia’s special operation. Then Bakanov disappeared without a trace for two months.

Instead of Bakanov, Zelensky temporarily appointed Vasily Malyuk, who previously held high positions in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU. Before becoming deputy head of the SBU, Malyuk headed the main department for combating corruption and organized crime, and also participated in the detention of Bakanov's assistant, the head of the SBU in Crimea, Oleg Kulinich.

Vasily Malyuk Photo:

In place of Venediktova, whose resignation was expected even before the start of the special operation, her deputy Alexei Simonenko was appointed. It is reported that the head of the prosecutor's office withdrew from the investigation of the case of treason against Petro Poroshenko. At the same time, Symonenko is known for being in the Peacemaker database just for fabricating and falsifying a case against the ex-president of the country.

“MK” talked with experts about what Zelensky’s decisions hide and can whether they change something.

– Zelensky named 651 episodes and immediately announced that only 60 people had defected from the SBU to the Russian side. This is 1/10, and the rest are other security forces – the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the prosecutor's office, the border troops. Zelensky didn’t even say about the prosecutor’s office, because there are even fewer of them. There are more of them in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

When the Crimean events took place, the Ministry of Internal Affairs almost completely remained, like the army. And the SBU left those who now serve in the FSB. In quantitative and percentage terms, much more remained in Crimea, and no one was indignant about this.

They have traitors and defectors everywhere. In the territories occupied by Russian troops, people begin to quickly change orientation. This is evident in the special services. What then can be claims against Bakanov, who heads the SBU for two years? The problems began long before him and will not end after.

– Zelensky appointed Bakanov not as a professional, but as a friend to look after the SBU. Here we are talking about intrigue, where domestic oligarchs and Americans are involved. Zelensky is simply forced to fire these people. He did not want to, but it happened.

Vladimir Zharikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries believes that the true reasons are indicated.

“Information from these structures really “flows”. Unlike others, it is more significant and secret, – the political scientist noted. – Information from the SBU can go towards Russia. For example, the ideas of all sorts of provocations and operations. After all, we regularly announce what they have once again conceived in Kyiv. Betrayal in their ranks has always been, is and will be. This is a traditional story for the Ukrainian politicians. The further the special operation develops, the more people will want to share information.”

The expert believes that information from the prosecutor’s office is leaking towards the United States, which forced Zelensky to take such a step. “The cases related to the theft of military and other aid, which are “shelved” and closed, apparently become known to the Americans, because discontent is growing there,” Zharikhin said.

According to him, Zelensky reacts in this way to show that for the sake of his native country he does not feel sorry for anything, even a friend. “He demonstrates that he cleans up, despite the faces. Only this is unlikely to change anything,” concluded the deputy director of the Institute of the CIS countries.


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