Plot RF special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

Screens of Kh-59M2 missiles hitting a railway bridge in Odessa appeared on the net. As a result, the object received critical damage.

Staging the strike

The footage was filmed by the missile itself with the help of a television homing head. Thanks to her the projectile accurately hit one of supports of the bridge. Due to a broken cable of the lifting tower, the span collapsed down and tightly blocked the passage to the Black Sea for ships, which was probably the target of the strike.

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X-59M2 with an active radar seeker with translation-command guidance system, is used against ground and surface targets with known coordinates. Her main task — destruction of stationary ground targets with known location coordinates, including — not having radar, infrared and optical contrast in relation to the surrounding background. This cruise missile is controlled at a long distance and has a high-precision homing head.

The missile is designed to destroy a large number of radar-contrast surface targets at any time of the day, both in simple and difficult weather conditions and at sea waves up to 6 points. Group use of missiles is possible.

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