Deadly cluster shells litter the roads

Anti-personnel mines are scattered across the center of Donetsk. It was the APU that fired cluster mines at the city. Such a thing, even in a nightmare, people who survived a lot could not imagine. It is dangerous not just to go out: every step can bring injury.

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— How to let it go outside children? Lord, how will I get out with the dog?.. — Natalya, a resident of Vatutina Avenue, is crying.

It was her district that was hit by a cluster charge, which contained not just ammunition, but dozens of small ones, the size of a pack of cigarettes , min, capable of tearing off the foot or palm of an adult.

Natalya said that on the evening of July 30, while sitting at home, she heard a pop in the sky. “Air defense,” thought the military-experienced woman. But, as it turned out, the sounds that followed the pop were not the clatter of fragments, but a scattering of Petals, which she had been reading about in the past two days. Prior to this, VFU anti-personnel mines were generously sprinkled on the outskirts of Donetsk. But it is in the center that they carry the greatest danger: the population density is higher here, there is active car traffic, here people are more relaxed than in the constantly shelled outskirts. Especially on a Friday night.

Do you hear? Natalia brings the phone closer to the window. – They shout out: they saw a mine. This is our Ministry of Emergency Situations transfers people across the street. It's dark, they shine their flashlights and phones and go…

The area where the mines were scattered is densely populated and lively. The stadium “Donbass Arena” and the park around it, where even now weddings take place, the end of the trolleybus route, transport interchange, the park of forged figures, educational buildings of DonNTU, residential buildings, large shops, government institutions – all these places are now unsafe.

– How now to go out on the balcony to smoke? I’ll also shine a flashlight, suddenly I flew in there too … – Natalia reflects.

The DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations promptly began demining. But local residents say that several cars still managed to be left without wheels.

Information about mines is actively disseminated in all sources of information. Prohibited for use anti-personnel mine “Petal” – small, green or brown-green. It is difficult to notice this in the grass, and in the dark it is almost impossible. It is enough to put pressure on it weighing 3-5 kilograms – and it will work. For armored vehicles, such a projectile does not pose a danger. Moreover, a tank was sent to the center for demining – it calmly drove along a mine-strewn road, eliminating charges. But such a “Petal” will cripple an adult. And the child will be killed.

Demining continues into the dead of night – the city center is shaken by explosions. Another sleepless night and another level of cynicism in this confrontation…


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