The Ukrainian delegation is not ready to conduct serious negotiations on a settlement, and the conditions it puts forward are ridiculous. Dmitry Polyansky, Deputy Representative of Russia to the UN, announced this broadcast of the YouTube channel The Dive.

“As for the peace talks, Ukraine does not show any signs of a responsible position. They have some demands that cannot be put on the table in serious negotiations. Therefore, we have not yet come to this, & mdash; he said.

Polyansky explained that Ukraine was only making political statements that, in theory, Kyiv is ready to negotiate with Moscow, “that they are ready to negotiate when Russia withdraws its troops, meaning even Donbass and Crimea, which is ridiculous in itself. “Therefore, the special military operation continues,” he concluded.

Russian-Ukrainian negotiations began almost immediately after the start of the Russian special operation. The parties met in person, as well as via videoconference. The most productive was the meeting in Istanbul at the end of March, when the parties handed over their proposals to each other to resolve the conflict, but soon the dialogue was frozen.

The Ukrainian side explained the change in attitude towards the negotiation process after the events in Bucha. Journalists from Reuters and other publications reported on the bodies of dead civilians found there. The Ministry of Defense called these data a provocation.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly said that they are ready to resume negotiations. “We have never refused to negotiate, because everyone knows that any hostilities end at the negotiating table,” — Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke.

In turn, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmitry Kuleba, said in mid-July that negotiations with Russia are possible only after Ukraine wins on the battlefield, since “negotiations are directly tied to the situation at the front.”

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