Police in Kabul eliminated a suicide bomber and reported that there was no information about the victims /8/09/756623630870098.png” alt=”An explosion occurred at the gates of the Russian embassy in Kabul” />


A suicide bomber exploded at the gates of the Russian embassy in Kabul, reports Reuters with reference to the police. The explosion at the Russian embassy is also reported by the sources of the Afghan Channel One.

According to the police, representatives of the Taliban (the organization was recognized as a terrorist organization and banned in Russia) destroyed a terrorist moving in the direction of the embassy.

“Before reaching the target, the suicide bomber was identified and shot dead by the guards of the Russian embassy. There is no information about the victims, — said Mavlavi Sabir, head of the police station working in the area where the explosion occurred, the agency reports.

«RIA Novosti» citing a source, it was reported that the explosion occurred when a Russian diplomat went out to announce the names of applicants for a visa. “From 15 to 20 people died or were injured,” among the victims— a diplomat and an embassy security guard, the agency's source claims.

RBC sent a request to the Russian embassy in Afghanistan.

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The Russian Embassy is located on Dar-ul-Aman Street in Kabul. It has continued to work after power in the country passed to the Taliban last year. At the same time, most Western countries evacuated their diplomats from the country.

The Taliban guaranteed the security of the Russian embassy, ​​and the Russian Foreign Ministry said that they were not going to evacuate the diplomats.

Russia, like Western countries, does not officially recognize the Taliban government. This requires the creation of an inclusive government and respect for human rights in Afghanistan, said Zamir Kabulov, Special Representative of the Russian President for Afghanistan. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that there is no talk of recognizing the Taliban now.

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