A wounded female bear from Dixon Island will be transported to Moscow and prepared for an emergency operation. The animal is in a very serious condition: it has a gunshot wound to the left shoulder blade, severe dehydration and paralyzed hind legs. Moscow doctors are ready to help. Veterinarians from the Moscow Zoo will fight for the life of the Red Book animal.

What happened to the bear? 

The wounded bear was found on September 3 near the village of Dikson. According to the Taimyr Telegraph, she came to the village two weeks ago. The circumstances under which the animal was injured are being investigated by law enforcement and supervisory authorities. 

Head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionovawrote in her telegram channel that the animal may have shown aggression towards the locals. 

« We have already passed the corresponding request. For illegal hunting of a polar bear, the perpetrators may face criminal liability, », — wrote Radionova. 

In her message, the head of Rosprirodnadzor reminded that residents should not feed polar bears. When these animals appear near the settlements, the responsible services should be immediately informed. According to her, then neither animals nor people will suffer.

What is known about the state of the bear? 

To save the animal, veterinarians from the Moscow Zoo, as well as representatives of the hunting supervision and environmental prosecutor's office of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, were brought from Moscow. Doctors injected the animal with sleeping pills to examine it on the spot. According to veterinarians, a young female aged from one and a half to two years old, weighing 50-60 kg, has a wound in the shoulder blade area. At the time of the arrival of specialists, the bear could only move its head and front paws.

«What kind of wound is this — chopped, cut, and what happened to her, it's hard to say. Maybe some kind of bruise, maybe — ran into a rod. This could provoke a spinal injury, muscle pain shock. While it is difficult to say, everything will be shown by the examination, », — Director of the branch of the Moscow Zoo in Veliky Ustyug Andrey Solodkov.

Where will the animal be treated?

After providing first aid, it was decided to transport the animal by aircraft to Norilsk for further examination for the presence of foreign bodies. The bear was placed in an enclosure on the site of the former dispensary Valek. After anesthesia, the bear began to slowly recover, but, as the veterinarians say, despite the signs of life, the prognosis for survival is critical. 

After the examination, the animal was decided to be transported to Moscow for an emergency operation. As I wrote in the telegram channel Director of the Moscow Zoo Svetlana Akulova, the bear was loaded onto the plane Norilsk — Moscow. According to her, the condition of the animal is assessed as stably serious, despite the fact that the bear's appetite has returned. 

On September 6, a plane with a wounded polar bear arrived in the capital. Moscow doctors are ready to help. The wounded animal will be delivered to the Moscow Zoo. 

«After the veterinarians determined the condition of the bear as extremely serious and reported that there was one chance in a thousand to save her, the working group decided to transport the white bear to the Moscow Zoo», — said Akulova.

The director of the zoo says that there is a chance for salvation, since the bear is young. 

“Maybe everything will work out. On Dixon, she would have died without help, — said Akulova. 


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