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Alisher Usmanov

Hungary temporarily abandoned its demand for the lifting of EU sanctions against three Russian businessmen, Politico writes.

On September 6, the publication, citing four EU diplomats and officials, wrote that Brussels should extend the restrictions against Russians, otherwise it will expire. Deadline— September 15th. Inside the European Union, this extension was seen as a technical formality, but Budapest decided to insist on the exclusion of three Russians from the sanctions list. According to two diplomats, they are Russian businessmen Alisher Usmanov, Petr Aven and Viktor Rashnikov.

According to Politico, the Czech Republic, which presides over the EU Council, reached an agreement with Hungary, which agreed to postpone discussion of the three names until next time.

USM Holdings founder Alisher Usmanov came under EU sanctions at the end of February. The businessman challenged this decision of Brussels. Usmanov asked the court to suspend the restrictions pending a final decision on the appeal. Usmanov is also under US, Canadian, British and Japanese sanctions.

Aven ended up on the EU sanctions list at the same time as Usmanov. After that, he resigned from the board of directors of Alfa-Bank, where he served as chairman.

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The head of the Board of Directors of MMK Viktor Rashnikov has been under European sanctions since March. Both Aven and Rashnikov also challenged their inclusion in the sanctions list.

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