Naftogaz Ukrainy announced a new arbitration against Gazprom due to non-payment for transit »

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” filed a petition with the International Arbitration Court for arbitration against Gazprom. This was reported by a Ukrainian company on Facebook (owned by Meta, which is recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia).

“Naftogaz” demands from Gazprom funds for the service provided for organizing the transportation of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine, which were not paid to them on time and in full, — the report says.

The head of the Ukrainian company, Yuriy Vitrenko, noted that the transit contract was signed in 2019 on the terms of “pump or pay”, however, “Gazprom” since May he has been paying less than the agreement stipulates.

RBC sent a request to the press service of Gazprom.

On December 30, 2019, Russia and Ukraine signed a five-year contract for gas transit to Europe with the possibility of a ten-year extension. The agreement provides that Gazprom must pump through Ukraine a minimum volume of gas of 65 billion cubic meters. m in the first year and 40 billion cubic meters. m in the next four years.

The fact that Ukraine may apply to international arbitration because of the refusal of Gazprom; to fully pay for transit, Vitrenko warned back on June 22. He said that the Russian company “underpays for transit, for these volumes that he booked.”

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He noted that under the terms of the transit contract, 45 days are allotted for settling disputes. According to him, the company will have the right to apply to arbitration in July.

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, Kyiv initially reported on the regular transit of Russian gas through Ukrainian territory. Vitrenko said that the pumping of gas through Ukraine would continue as long as it was “technically possible”.

In early May, the Ukrainian gas transmission network operator (OGTS) announced that it was stopping the transit of Russian gas to Europe through the gas distribution network. station «Sohranivka» in the Luhansk region due to force majeure. The OGTS explained that it is not controlled by the Ukrainian side, and offered to redirect power from the Sohranivka station on the GIS «Sudzha».

In «Gazprom» stated that they had not received confirmation of force majeure circumstances and did not see any obstacles to the continuation of transit through the Sokhranivka station. The company also announced the impossibility of transferring transit to the GIS “Sudzha” due to the peculiarities of the Russian streaming scheme. May 11 Gazprom reduced gas transit through Ukraine by 25%, to 72 million cubic meters. m against 95.2 million cubic meters. m the day before.

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