In Moscow, a pilot project was launched to introduce a new service — polyclinic digital passport. Deputy Mayor of the capital for social development Anastasia Rakova spoke about this.

According to Rakova, information that until recently was stored only in paper journals will be updated in real time and will be available to the heads of medical institutions at any time in a convenient format.

What is a digital passport of a polyclinic?

Digital passport — this is a tool that will allow you to see up-to-date data simultaneously for all branches and all attached patients of the polyclinic.

According to the deputy mayor, the head physician will be able, if necessary, to open the electronic medical record of a particular patient for a deeper study of his medical history.

“This will not only simplify the work, but will also help to further improve the efficiency of managing the capital’s outpatient department and monitor the health of Muscovites even more qualitatively and proactively,” — Rakov said.

What information will be contained in the digital passport? 

In the interface of the polyclinic passport, icons with alarm information will be placed that notify if something happens to patients: ambulance calls, hospitalization, observation for certain types of diseases or, for example, deviation of laboratory values. Such information will make medical care better and more efficient.

With a digital passport, the head physician will also be able to obtain summary statistics on the number of patients under observation, infants who need a visit from a patronage nurse, patients with a disability group or those in a group risk for certain diseases that have or have not undergone medical examinations and medical examinations.


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