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34-year-oldChief of Intelligence Anton Shabis was wounded twice in Donbass.               he  burned alive in the eyes of his wife. The second serious injury overtook Shabis in April of this year. He is in the hospital now, but does leave thoughts of returning to the front line.

Major Shabis — one of those on whose shoulders lay the first months of the SVO, who liberated Kherson. For two months, Anton did not take off his berets, he slept dressed in an embrace with a machine gun. Although I slept — loudly said: sitting dozing, listening to every changing environment.

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Anton dreamed of becoming a military man since childhood. And he didn change his decision. Photo from the archive of A. Shabis

«Waiting for you in any way»

Wife TatianaI learned about the injury of my husband from his colleagues. “While Anton was at the front, I lived from one phone call to another. He always ended the conversation with the words: “Everything will be fine.” And I said: “Waiting for you in any form, just come back”. But the last time he answered, “I will try my best”. And I understood: Anton is going to have something serious».

After the first wound, Shabis had a burn of 25% of his body. “They did a skin transplant. Recovery took six months. My husband has learned to walk again. Set a goal for yourself — return to system. It is in the army that Anton is in his place.  can't picture him as someone else — only an officer.

In 2016  Shabis as a volunteer defended civilians. He was the commander of a reconnaissance company of one of the brigades of the People's Militia of the LPR, participated in combat operations in Debaltseve direction and assault of Lisichansk. “Anton was wounded before my eyes. In & nbsp; his armored personnel carrier – & ldquo; eighty & rdquo; an ATGM shell arrived, — continues Tatiana. — Anton was already on fire, but managed to get out of the car. I tore the cloak — it melts quickly, and then it would have to be torn off together with skin. Rendered first aid».

Anton's wife comes from  Lysichansk, in militia since 2014  When the Ukrainian army captured the city, Tatyana left with the resistance forces. I first saw Anton on the front line, where she brought medicines. She was a medical officer in reconnaissance. He explains: “No, it wasn't love at first sight. It’s just that Anton turned out to be a person with whom it was possible to communicate on various topics: he has a good education, he is well-read. For subordinates, he and commander, and father, they behind he like a stone wall».

We gradually got closer. One day, Tatyana found out that Anton asked not to take her on a dangerous mission. “I understood that I was worried about me, but asked me not to do that again.” He appeared beautifully: "He came home from the task and took wild flowers out from under his helmet. On the front line, he covered my ears with his hands so that I could rest at night: there something rumbles all the time».

After the injury, when Anton lit up like a torch in front of Tatiana's eyes, she accompanied him to the hospital. «The doctors then said: that everything the course is ordered for you  — remembers Anton.   But I got better and returned back to my special forces brigade». From the hospital, the couple went to Shabis' hometown of Stavropol. “There, after visiting the hospital, Anton offered to go to the registry office. It turned out that rings had already been bought from him, he seized our passports and arranged for us to be painted immediately. For me, everything was a complete surprise. I thought: it’s good that in the morning I chose a white sundress, and not jeans.

In the direction of Kherson and Nikolaev

In that same 2016, Shabis transferred to Crimea — first to the coastal defense brigade, then to the intelligence department of the Army Corps Directorate as part of the Coastal Forces of the Navy. In 2022, he came to serve in Volgograd, to the position of intelligence chief of a motorized rifle regiment. “Two days after my arrival, NWO began. Together with the regiment in first ranks through the Crimea, I set off in the direction of Kherson and Nikolaev. In March, our troops advanced to Kherson fairly quickly, —  he says. — Enemy air defense units inflicted significant losses on our aviation. The task was set — detect and neutralize Ukrainian S-300 systems. We we searched for them for several days and discovered the location of the anti-aircraft missile battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We got into a fight. I destroyed the chief of staff of this division, a lieutenant colonel. Then they burned all the S-300 systems».

In April, the battles for Alexandrovka — the westernmost village of the Kherson region. The reconnaissance group of Shabis moved there at night to ensure the passage of the main forces. A subdivision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine came to their group. A battle ensued: “We” destroyed part of the enemy, and “then corrected the fire of our artillery, which covered the rest.” Shabis scouts entrenched themselves on the outskirts, while about 300 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defending in the center of Aleksandrovka in the school building. “The enemy decided to unblock these units. We caught ourselves between a hammer and anvil: “dill” We were in rear and put tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, pickup trucks with machine guns and local territorial defense infantry into action. Our reconnaissance detachment went to an area promising for the passage of a sabotage group. We took a position and expected that sooner or later someone would pass there. And so it happened. A battle ensued, during which we destroyed the saboteurs and their commander with call sign “Dog”. They confiscated an American radio station, on which someone periodically asked: “Dog”, where are you?” This DRG had more than 30 anti-tank missile systems, including American Javelins, Western-made machine guns. If were they to pass through us, the Armed Forces of Ukraine would be able to unlock their own, who are surrounded».

“You walk under God”

At the end of April, stubborn battles continued in Aleksandrovka. Major Chabis received two bullet wounds when he led his unit into the attack. The bleeding is severe. The doctors said: “You walk under God: it was lucky that the bullet in the stomach passed 5 cm from the vital internal organs.” The second bullet completely shattered the bone in the right shoulder…

When you ask him about  front-line everyday life, he admits: «The worst — enemy artillery. The constant feeling that you will now leave — and you will be hit by fire. They will then look for you for spare parts within a radius of 100 sq.m. The guns are hammered during the day and  at night. Nevertheless, Shabis does not leave thoughts about the front. Tatiana, who came with her 4-year-old son to to the husband hospital, doesn pretend: “I don't want Anton to return to the front. But I know that if there is the slightest opportunity, he will do it. A I — officer's wife. And I will support my husband.

For the displayed heroism, Major Anton Shabis was presented to two Orders of Courage and medals For Courage».

Anton's friend from Military University of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Gorbachev< /strong> says that Anton's fate could have turned out differently: “Our year of graduation — 2010, when there were massive reductions in the army. Before graduation, we, young officers, were told to write resignation reports. Someone is now working as a flight attendant, someone has become a businessman, someone is making a movie. And Anton rested: “I — Russian officer. And I will defend the Motherland — Russia”. And protects».

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