Ole Knudsen: Det Handler Om Kærlighed / Karin Liungman: I Denna Magiska Tid

Founded in New York by Danish video journalist Andreas Vingaard, Frederiksberg Records is responsible for one of our favorite jazz reissues of 2015, Carsten Meinert’s 1969 LP, To You. As such, we make a point to check in on the label’s doings from time to time. Stylistically varied, yet always consistent in their output and approach, our latest pass yielded a pair of digital only reissues released earlier this summer, Karin Liungman’s I Denna Magiska Tid, and Ole Knudsen’s Det Handler Om Kærlighed.

Originally released in 1989 via Liungman’s self-funded label, Arketon, I Denna Magiska Tid is folk at its core. Sung in Liungman’s native Swedish, the record inhabits an ethereal space augmented by washes of synthesizer, banjo, flute, balalaika, cello and electric guitar. Eschewing the often too-slick production veneer that largely defined the decade, its ten tracks manifest as wonderfully out of time.

Seated coolly at the intersection of folk, rock, and jazz is Danish guitarist, singer-songwriter, composer and percussionist Ole Knudsen’s 1992 private press LP, Det Handler Om Kærlighed. His second and final album, it’s a gloaming set of tunes perfectly suited for the oncoming transition of seasons as we soon slide into autumn.

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