The deputy said that “at this difficult time, he should be in Crimea.” Alexey Chernyak was elected to the State Duma from Crimea last September

Aleksey Chernyak

The State Duma terminated the powers of Deputy Aleksey Chernyak, elected from the Simferopol single-mandate constituency, according to a resolution published in the database of the lower house.

“Consider the powers of State Duma deputy Aleksey Yuryevich Chernyak terminated ahead of schedule on the basis of his a written statement on the resignation of deputy powers, & mdash; stated in the ruling. The project on his resignation was submitted to the State Duma on September 6.

In his Telegram channel, the deputy wrote that he was resigning because he “should be in Crimea.” «At this difficult time, I must be in the Crimea— in the same ranks with the Crimeans, my colleagues and like-minded people, where my relatives and friends live, where most of my life has passed, — said Chernyak.

Chernyak was elected as a deputy from constituency No. 19 (Simferopol — Republic of Crimea) in September 2021. He was a member of the Committee on Tourism and Development of Tourism Infrastructure.

Chernyak has worked in the Crimean Parliament since 2010, since 2014 he has been the Chairman of the Committee of the State Council of Crimea on the sanatorium and resort complex and tourism. He is a member of United Russia.

As a State Duma deputy, Chernyak, in particular, advocated punishment for “unfriendly companies”; for their “demonstrative care” from Russia: according to the deputy, such firms should be included in the “unfriendly list” in order to subsequently “preclude their return to our markets.” In addition, Chernyak suggested introducing questionnaires for those entering Russia from the Baltic countries, where you indicated “your attitude to the status of Crimea and the special military operation in Ukraine.”

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