The US Treasury has allowed US media outlets to carry out some of the operations in Russia necessary to support their activities, follows from the general license.

“US news organizations and individuals who are US citizens, including photojournalists, as well as technical staff, can carry out the following transactions necessary for the implementation of journalistic activities or the opening and functioning of a news bureau,— The document says.

Among the permitted transactions are remuneration for support personnel (stringers, translators, operators, technicians, drivers, etc.), renting office space, purchasing or renting goods and services, and paying taxes.

However, the license excludes any transactions involving Channel One, NTV, Rossiya-1 TV channel, Algorithm LLC, New Eastern Outlook; and Oriental Review, opening or maintaining correspondent or settlement accounts for or on behalf of sanctioned persons, as well as transactions related to the Bank of Russia, the National Welfare Fund and the Russian Ministry of Finance.

The material is being supplemented

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