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The Ministry of Finance has prepared a bill establishing liability for violators of the counter-sanctions imposed by Russia in&nbsp ; address of unfriendly countries. Control is entrusted to tax inspection and customs, in part of financial transactions — to Bank of Russia. The law will apply to both citizens and  businesses, fines for identified violations of the counter-sanction regime will range from 20% to 40% of the amount of illegal operation. It is expected that the norms of the law will come into force in July 2024 .

“The bill is supposed to introduce administrative responsibility for & nbsp; & ldquo; non-compliance with measures … aimed at & nbsp; ensuring the financial stability of the Russian Federation,” explains senior researcher at the Institute of Control and Surveillance Activities of the RANEPA Galina Balandina, — and it makes sense. If there are rules, then you need to establish responsibility for their non-observance.

But the abundance of normative acts adopted lately on this topic, and the mismatch of terms in them, causes concern.  We have already adopted and are simultaneously operating 7 decrees of the President of this direction and and two more federal laws, on the basis of which such measures are introduced.

And in such a situation, the vagueness of terms and definitions is fraught with either avoiding  punishment, or, conversely, they will be punished for completely legal actions. Therefore, the definition of responsibility is generally logical, but which measures are considered as “measures of influence (counteraction) aimed at” ensuring the financial stability of the Russian Federation “must be determined in a completely precise way.

Well” and Of course, the principle of proportionality of sanctions to the degree of danger of the offense and its consequences must be observed, about which it is still impossible to draw an unambiguous conclusion until it is clear exactly what actions will be punishable in the case of the adoption of these bills.

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