Employees of the SBU recruited a Russian who was supposed to carry out a terrorist attack on the oil and gas complex, through which fuel is supplied to the EU and Turkey, according to the FSB. According to the department, two bombs and correspondence with the SBU were found on him


The Ukrainian special service planned to carry out a terrorist attack on the oil and gas complex, through which supplies go to the European Union and Turkey, the FSB reported. The agency did not specify which special service was involved in the attempted terrorist attack and where exactly the explosion was planned.

“When seizing two improvised high-powered cumulative explosive devices from the cache, the perpetrator of the planned crime, a Russian citizen, born in 1978, recruited on the territory of Ukraine by employees of the SBU»,— according to the FSB message.

The detainee was found with instructions for assembling an explosive device and transferring money, the coordinates of the place of the terrorist attack, as well as means of communication in which there were “correspondence and negotiations with the curator from the SBU,” according to the department. At the same time, the FSB officers detained four “accomplices” special services of Ukraine, they are Russian citizens.

The FSB has repeatedly reported on the prevention of attempts by the Ukrainian special services to commit a terrorist attack. At the end of July, an explosion was prevented in the Lipetsk region, the agency claimed that three citizens of Ukraine planned to carry it out “in crowded places.” In early August, department officials detained a Russian, a resident of Cherkessk. According to the FSB, he “had intentions to commit terrorist acts against employees of republican law enforcement agencies.” and was committed to neo-Nazi ideology. The SBU also planned to carry out terrorist acts against the officials of Kherson and Crimea, the FSB reported. The agency detained the perpetrators and “accomplices”.

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In mid-September, President Vladimir Putin announced attempts by the Ukrainian side to commit terrorist attacks in Russia, indicating that there were attempts to carry out explosions in the territory close to the nuclear power plant. “We do respond with restraint, but for the time being,” — he emphasized.

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