Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani :: Witchdoctor’s Son

A mind meld of epic proportions, in 1976 Turkish jazz percussionist Okay Temiz and South African pianist, bassist, and vocalist Johnny Dyani teamed up for Witchdoctor’s Son. Sharing original compositions, a Don Cherry cover, and re-arranged traditionals from their respective homelands, the pair deftly fuse the material into wild, free jazz freakouts. Laid down in Istanbul with Turkish violin and clarinet player Saffet Gündeger, Turkish electric bassist Oğuz Durukan, and Swedish saxophonist Gunnar Bergsten, the album stands true to its title. Like some forsaken occult brew concocted from unholy sources of brooding, sinewy funk and frenetic, freewheeling jazz, Temiz and Dvani stir the pot, one with an endless bag of percussive toys, the other crashing keys and roaring with lion-hearted resolve. It’s fusion in the truest sense of the word, as the artists fully immerse themselves in one another’s cultures for a thundering spell of folkloric traditions and forward-thinking fluidity. | c depasquale

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