First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 8

Hearken spring with a journey through quirky DIY pop and shimmering twee; perfect for these snow melting mornings. Welcome to the eighth installment of First & Last, a series of mixes providing a glimpse into the world of Japanese private press, or 自主盤, pronounced “jishuban”, which loosely translates to “independent board.” 

First & Last: Japanese Private Press, Vol. 8

This eighth entry spans the early 70s to early 80s. Like most bedroom pop, it focuses on love, and the self-serious tribulations of growing older. Some of the album and track titles roughly translate to “At a Distance, I Love you”, “Farewell to Love”, “Impression Love”, “One Line Love Song”, “My Soliloquy of Solitary”, “Elegy of a 20 year old”, “Bye-Bye Wisdom”, and ”I have no use for anyone who throws this LP away.” A perfect harbinger of Spring. | t craft

タケウマ (Takeuma) – 愛の風景 (1975)
高階きいち (Kiichi Takashina) – チョコレート・パフェ (1976)
はたなかまさる (Masaru Hatanaka) – Impression Love (1979)
宮沢こーすけ (Distant Promise) – 風は気まぐれ (1980)
蜻蛉 (Tombo) – ひとりぼっちのひとりごと (My Soliloquy of Solitary) (1974)
Better Bright Now – 悲しみを超えて (1982)
Hの集団 – Before II (1975)
伍円玉 (Goendama) – ケロケロの歌 (1973)
南島フォークメイツ (South Island Folkmates) – 恋時雨 (1975)
山本えーぞー (Eezoh Yamamoto) – 3コードのための練習曲 (1978)
Santama – さみしくなんかない (197?)
師俊治 (Toshiharu Moro) – もう 秋だよ~ね (1973)
まほうのチョーク2 With Autochalk – 青梅線愛歌 (1978)
The Most Wicked Men – 森 (1973)
East Table – 風 (197?)
蜃氣樓 (Shinkiro) – Whistling (1976)

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