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An exhibition of Ukrainian artists was opened at the residence of the Russian delegation in Davos. This year Russia is not participating in the event “Russian House” in 2020 At the site «Russian House» in Davos, Switzerland, an exhibition of Ukrainian artists and photographers was organized, the Washington Post reported. The Russian delegation at the … Continue reading The former “Russian House” in Davos was occupied for an exhibition of Ukrainian photographers

Duda called the Ukrainian citizens who arrived guests, not refugees. The President of Poland warned against the cession of “even a centimeter” of the territory of Ukraine to Russia =”The President of Poland promised to “not calm down” until Ukraine joins the EU” /> Andrzej Duda Warsaw is ready to do everything possible to ensure … Continue reading The President of Poland promised “not to calm down” until Ukraine joins the EU

Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki urged Norway to share revenues from oil and gas exports The profit of the “small country” Norway from oil and gas exports will exceed €100 billion against the backdrop of a jump in prices in the commodity market, Polish Prime Minister said, urging Oslo to share revenues Mateusz Morawiecki Norway makes … Continue reading Polish PM urges Norway to share oil revenues

According to him, Ukraine not only did not respond to Russian proposals for a settlement, but also did not confirm the previously agreed draft treaty. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the negotiations were not going on “in any form” .jpg” alt=”Medinsky announced his readiness for negotiations and their freezing by Ukraine” /> Vladimir … Continue reading Medinsky announced readiness for negotiations and their freezing by Ukraine

According to the head of the Russian delegation at the talks with Ukraine, the memory of the Great Patriotic War keeps “from a big war.” He called the truth the main weapon in countering the Western attacks on history “Medinsky said that we must not invent anything and tell the truth” /> Vladimir Medinsky Assistant … Continue reading Medinsky said that we must not invent anything and tell the truth

Rogozin showed a crater from the Sarmat and told how many missiles would be on alert Rogozin showed in Telegam a video from the Kamchatka test site after the strike of the Sarmat block and promised to leave “large”, “deep and very radioactive” craters. Earlier, he said that the missiles would be delivered to the … Continue reading Rogozin announced plans to put 50 Sarmat missiles on combat duty

The IRGC called the murder of officer Sayyad Khodai an “act of terrorism” “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Officer Shot in Tehran” /> Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officer Sayyad Khodai was shot dead in eastern Tehran. This was reported by IRNA, citing a statement from the IRGC public relations department. The IRGC called it an … Continue reading Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps officer shot dead in Tehran

In total, they were on 97 accounts. The special interdepartmental group responsible for the freezing of assets reported that in a number of cases attempts were made to hide the ownership of assets. government. The money was in 97 accounts in total. Investigation and identification of accounts belonging to Russian citizens included in the sanctions … Continue reading Austria freezes assets of Russians for €254 million

Parliament adopted a law banning the use of Russian military operation symbols back in mid-April, but the president vetoed and proposed a number of amendments The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law banning the use of symbols of the Russian military operation, subject to presidential amendments Volodymyr Zelensky, the parliament reports on Telegram. For … Continue reading Rada re-bans Z and V symbols after Zelensky’s veto

Mateusz Morawiecki said earlier that in the face of a sharp increase in Norway's oil revenues, the country should share them. In Oslo, they said in response that the country's economy is nevertheless suffering from the fall of the stock market Despite the growth of Norway's income from oil exports, the country's economy is suffering … Continue reading The Norwegian Foreign Ministry responded to the appeal of the Prime Minister of Poland to share income

Europe should focus on strengthening its defense capabilities: increase spending on it and be more coordinated in this matter, Borrell said. The existing system has many shortcomings, they were exposed by the events in Ukraine “Borrell announced the depletion of EU military stocks due to support for Ukraine” /> Josep Borrell Europe must strengthen its … Continue reading Borrell announced the depletion of EU military stocks due to support for Ukraine

Andriy Shevchik was injured during an explosion at the entrance of the house on Sunday. The Investigative Committee is establishing the circumstances of the attempt on his life, Andriy Shevchik on the head of the Energodar city administration in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, Andriy Shevchik, RIA Novosti writes; with a link to the department's … Continue reading Investigative Committee announced the investigation of the assassination attempt on the mayor of Energodar

Following the talks between Ilham Aliyev, Nikol Pashinyan and Charles Michel, an agreement was reached to launch a commission on the delimitation of borders in Nagorno-Karabakh, and the parties also discussed humanitarian and transport issues The third meeting of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol took place in Brussels Pashinyan, President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev and President … Continue reading Aliyev and Pashinyan agreed to launch a border commission in Karabakh

According to him, there has been a “tectonic shift” in the “landscape” of European security because of Ukraine. Against this background, the EU should take more responsibility for its own security, says Borrell .jpg” alt=”Borrell announced the need for the creation of the EU armed forces” /> Josep Borrell The reconfiguration of security in Europe … Continue reading Borrell called for the creation of the armed forces of the EU

By the end of 2021, the number of forcibly displaced people around the world reached 90 million, during the conflict in Ukraine 14 million people were forced to leave, because of which the number of refugees reached record numbers For the first time in world history, the number of refugees reached 100 million people, the … Continue reading The UN announced an increase in the number of refugees in the world to 100 million for the first time in history

Russian military personnel continue to evacuate civilians from the Kharkiv region to Russian territory under incessant shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported. “Russian military personnel, under continuing rocket attacks from the side controlled by the Ukrainian regime, conduct house-to-house visits of residents who have previously expressed a desire … Continue reading The Ministry of Defense announced the evacuation of residents of eastern Ukraine under shelling

According to the newspaper, the Swiss authorities decided to lift sanctions from EuroChem after Andrey Melnichenko left the directors of the company The Swiss government lifted sanctions from the Russian company Eurochem after Andrey Melnichenko ceased to be its beneficiary and left the board of directors. This was reported by the newspaper Tages Anzeiger with … Continue reading Tages Anzeiger learned about the lifting of sanctions by Switzerland from EuroChem

Permanent representative of Crimea Muradov: Ukraine will not remain within the former borders, the rights of Russians have been violated Ukraine will not remain in the same format, permanent representative of Crimea is sure. According to him, federalization and observance of the rights of different nationalities could help the country, but Kyiv did not do … Continue reading The permanent representative of the Crimea said about the “unviability” of Ukraine

The Arctic may become an international theater of war due to the increased military presence of different states, the Foreign Ministry warns. The Ministry believes that the aspiration of Sweden and Finland to join NATO worsens the situation u003d “The Foreign Ministry saw the risk of turning the Arctic into a” theater of war “because … Continue reading The Foreign Ministry saw the risk of turning the Arctic into a “theater of war” because of NATO

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the defeat of 47 command posts and 11 UAVs in Ukraine 3,198 Ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed in almost three months of the special operation, according to the department * Video Russian artillery and missile troops have destroyed 41 command posts of the Ukrainian forces over the past … Continue reading Russian Defense Ministry announced 11 downed Ukrainian drones

In May 2022, the monkeypox virus began to spread around the world, which usually does not go beyond endemic countries. How the virus is transmitted, what its characteristic symptoms are, and whether there is a vaccine against it – RBC understood Where the monkeypox virus was found In Europe, the first case of monkeypox infection … Continue reading Monkeypox infection. How dangerous is it, and is there a vaccine

Russian businessmen should themselves contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine, in the matter of the forced seizure of their assets, one must remember the rule of law, Lindner said. Christian Lindner The issue of confiscation of the assets of Russians who fell under international sanctions in favor of Ukraine is subject to discussion, the difficulties … Continue reading German Finance Ministry warned against confiscation of assets of Russians for Ukraine

The explosion thundered in the entrance of the house, when Andrey Shevchik was leaving it, the Russian agencies reported .jpg” alt=””RIA Novosti” and TASS reported that the mayor of Energodar was injured in the explosion” /> Andrey Shevchik The head of the city administration of Energodar in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, Andriy Shevchik, was … Continue reading RIA Novosti and TASS reported that the mayor of Energodar was injured in an explosion

The bill was supported by 320 parliamentarians, and the country also decided not to cancel the general mobilization. Martial law in Ukraine was introduced on February 24 Kyiv, Ukraine The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a law on the extension of martial law throughout the country for three months, this was reported on the Telegram … Continue reading Verkhovna Rada extended martial law in Ukraine until August 23

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry will develop a bill similar to the Polish law on assistance to Ukrainians, which actually equates them to Polish citizens, the press secretary of the Ukrainian president explained Volodymyr Zelensky Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky proposed to grant Poles a special legal status, UNIAN reports . The introduction of the relevant bill … Continue reading Zelensky proposed to grant citizens of Poland a special legal status

Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Volfovich reported on the actions of Ukrainian saboteurs in the country From Ukraine, the engineering equipment of sections of the border with Belarus is being carried out, the Armed Forces of Ukraine carry out mining, blockages, and Ukrainian saboteurs enter Belarusian territory, said Volfovich To the territory of … Continue reading Security Council of Belarus reported on the actions of Ukrainian saboteurs in the country

Minister Delegate to the French Foreign Ministry Clement Bon: Ukraine's accession to the EU will take 15-20 years Scholz and Macron warned about the same, in Kyiv they said that the country does not need “surrogates for candidate status” Clement Bon The process of Ukraine's accession to the European Union may take 15 or 20 … Continue reading The French Foreign Ministry admitted that Ukraine’s accession to the EU will take up to 20 years

We are talking about the Agreement on perpetuating the memory of the courage and heroism of the peoples of the CIS in the Great Patriotic War (it regulated the cooperation of countries in this area) and an agreement that excludes double taxation Ukraine denounced agreements on perpetuating the memory of the courage and heroism of … Continue reading Ukraine withdrew from agreements on taxes with Russia and on the heroism of the peoples of the CIS