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Transmissions :: Carlos Niño

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Transmissions :: Carlos Niño This week on Transmissions, a heady conversation with Carlos Niño about spontaneous composition, the influence of hip-hop culture, his radio roots, and his latest, More Energy Fields, Current. “…Frequently, I would say I’m doing some version of supercomputing, where I’m completely free in the moment and I’m also bookmarking sections I … Continue reading Transmissions :: Carlos Niño

Transmissions :: North Americans

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Transmissions :: North Americans Our guest this week is Patrick McDermott of North Americans. His latest is called Roped In and its blissed out guitar-scapes find him teaming up with cosmic pedal steel master Barry Walker Jr., William Tyler, and Mary Lattimore. He reached us from his place in Los Angeles to discuss pleasant zones, … Continue reading Transmissions :: North Americans