Baby Keem – Register Lyrics

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[Intro: Cardo & Baby Keem] Gotta talk about gettin’ this money, man Got a lil’ play real quick If I was you, I’d call back ASAP, nigga Cardo Shoot through your car door, shoutout to Cardo Cardo got wings [Chorus] Don’t you tell my register, don’t you tell my bitch Don’t you tell my register, … Continue reading Baby Keem – Register Lyrics

Macklemore – Zara lyrics

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Below are the complete “Zara” lyrics by Macklemore displayed. These lyrics were added 6 hours ago. Zara lyrics I know you’re troubled, girl, I seen you on Tumblr February, dressing like a summer girl Mini skirt on, no underwear I wanna take you shopping, blow a bag of Prada She say those clothes expensive, so … Continue reading Macklemore – Zara lyrics