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[Intro] Free my niggas out the can Nigga, this that crazy man I ain’t even put no effort, crazy man [Verse] Draw down with that Glock, bitch don’t make no sound Say somethin’ and get shot, bitch face down to the ground I ain’t got no respect, you might think I’m dumb I’m just 17, … Continue reading YoungBoy Never Broke Again – GG (Remix) (feat. A Boogie With The Hoodie)

[Chorus x2: Kodak Black] Everybody wanna ride candy Everybody wanna ride candy Everybody wanna ride candy paint Everybody just comparing Everybody tryna sell drugs Everybody think they the plug Everybody wanna ride Forgis now Ain’t nobody tryna ride dubs [Verse 1: Kodak Black] Candy, candy, candy Spent 20 grand on my engine Put Louis V … Continue reading Kodak Black – Candy Paint (feat. Bun B) (Painting Pictures Album)