50 Cent is widely known for his gripping Television shows, and now he’s set to take over Netflix with his The 50th Law Series to be written and produced by acclaimed Kenya Barris. The rapper who co-wrote the book as an autobiographical account inspired by another book by Robert Greene – The 48 Laws of … Continue reading 50 Cent Says “The 50th Law” Series Will Be Biggest Show On Netflix, DaBaby Wants Role

Omar Cruz – Gangsta Music Lyrics

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OMAR CRUZGangsta Music Lyrics Welcome to the west coast, motherf**ker Bomb trees and bomb bitches, ha ha You have no f**king idea, man (Verse 1) Come f**k with a rider The west coast messiah named O. Cruz Ridin’ with them chrome tools, bald-headed all fools A Latin kid bringin’ L.A. back Bringin’ gully back Homie, … Continue reading Omar Cruz – Gangsta Music Lyrics

Don Trip – Yeah

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[Verse 1] I come from the bottom, such an amazing view I climbed up and out of it Some of my friends couldn’t take the news I have a plate of leftover food for thought that I save for you Even your shadow leaves you in darkness Stand there and face the truth Sooner or … Continue reading Don Trip – Yeah